[1.3.9 PvP] Beginners Guide

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[1.3.9 PvP] Beginners Guide

Post by LMS » 01 Dec 2018, 12:31

Welcome to LMSPW. Here is a guide to help you get started playing on the 1.3.9 PvP server.

You will start out having to create your character. There are 5 classes and 10 different character
classes to choose from, there are lots of customization that can go into a character, so have lots of fun and be creative. Each class and character have strength and weaknesses. Read the descriptions carefully to find the one best suited for you.

So after creating your character and logging in for the first time, you end up in West Ancient Dragon City.
There is a Safe zone near the wall where you can farm your firs coins and equipment. Do not forget to check Newbie guide NPC for quests and Merchandise list.
Also Explore West ADC to get yourself familiar with custom NPC's and possibilities.

Repairing is disabled on our server, but gears are easy to craft and even cheaper to reforge your broken items to a fresh ones.

There is no need to +12 main equipment, as refinement bonus is already included in basic stats.
You can transfer your stones when you reforge or upgrade your equipment just make sure to have enough Fortune stones for that.

Among first things to do is important to upgrade your cultivation and learn crafting skills at least until level 3 so you can craft and reforge lvl 100 gears.

Also make sure you collect enough reputation by doing Cultivation or daily quests to start receiving automatic daily rewards:
- at lvl 100 you will receive 1 Activity badge + 100 reputation + some exp daily - require to have 0 reputation
- at lvl 101 you will receive 1 Activity badge + 110 reputation + some exp daily - require to have 300+ reputation
- at lvl 102 you will receive 1 Activity badge + 120 reputation + some exp daily - require to have 600+ reputation
- at lvl 103 you will receive 1 Activity badge + 130 reputation + some exp daily - require to have 900+ reputation
- at lvl 104 you will receive 1 Activity badge + 140 reputation + some exp daily - require to have 1200+ reputation
- at lvl 105 you will receive 1 Activity badge + 150 reputation + some exp daily - require to have 1500+ reputation

You can farm Spiritual and Inclusion crystals (to craft lvl 100 gears) outside West ADC from custom mobs, and also from following mobs on the main world map:
UnguisEdge Sand Iblis (lvl101)
MadTooth Sand Iblis (lvl101)
Acephalous Cavalry Leader (lvl101)
OrchisSclew Hexeido (lvl101)

There are also World Bosses that drops lvl 100 gears and rare Ring of World Boss. You can check this post for location and drops details.

We have custom crafting mastery's where you can complete quests to be able to craft special ranked gears, more superior than normal gears. Detailed guide will be added soon.

All mounts, flyers and fashion can be bought from the Boutique or some from NPN in West ADC. You can also buy from other players if they are looking to sell. Mounts you need to hatch at the pet manager. You will also have to feed your mount and level it. All food can be bought at the Pet Administrator. If you wish to have multiple mounts or pets you will need to buy more cages. Flyers can be equipped on your inventory screen.
Flyers and pets can be upgraded at Upgrade forges in West ADC.

Also don't forget to check our Events calendar, it will be updated in the near future with new custom events.

Please vote every day to support our server and receive cubis. You will also receive cubis for being online (every morning for the previous day).

If you need help you can always ask in our webchat or join our Discord channel

Happy gaming!
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