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Post by fraidiekat » 26 May 2014, 23:44

The perfume quest is a quest that you can get from Rio 1x per day and is actually one that gets prompted for you at an early level. It gives lots of socialite points to help level your socialite job, it gives great exp, and some other goodies, like actions.

This is a very easy one to mess up. NOTE: If you automatically got this quest as a low level, you may have instructions to find someone with a particular perfume or gift. IGNORE THIS. Just complete the quest as described here.

1. The FIRST thing you want to do is party with a member of the opposite sex with the female as lead and both in the same realm. Then, you both will take the quest from Rio.
2. The female will go to the perfumer, near General Hugh Sutherland and the male will go to Lt. Colonel Sparan.
3. The female will get a perfume from the Perfumer. This is completely random. She has no control over which perfume she gets, so she must get this BEFORE the male picks the gift.
4. The perfume will look like an empty flask in her bag. Don't use the perfume until both party members are next to each other near the perfumer. A msg will appear that says both parties smell like the perfume.
5. It is important that the male not be in transit or offline when the perfume is used or his quest may not advance.
6. The male will tell the Lt. Col which perfume it was and will get a corresponding gift. The quest officially finishes for the male at this point, but they still have one last thing to do.
7. He will take this gift to the female and trade it to her.
8. She will give this gift to the Perfumer which will finish her quest.

It's simple but can fail if not followed in the correct order. Good Luck!
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