LMSFW update 2021.03.13

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LMSFW update 2021.03.13

Post by LMS » 13 Apr 2015, 21:00

Dear Players

We would like to announce the creation of a brand-new Forsaken World Classic experience!
We have decided to open a classic-rate Blood Harvest server with only a few quality of life changes, .
This server will have classic rates for quest exp and soul, as well as double exp events.
This is to recreate an experience similar to the retail servers during their prime.
Voting for leaves will still exist, however this amount will be substantially reduced from the current amount in order to have a more classic-style economy.

We will be releasing more information about the quality of life changes soon. Changes will mainly regard making cash-shop items that are vital to gameplay more accessible via in game content.

Come and join the fun as we embark on a fresh, classic-rate server!

Start game via patcher to auto update. Latest Patcher .
If you have troubles with autoupdate add LMSFW folder into antivirus exceptions list.
Note: Patcher is protected by Enigma virtual box. I does not contain any viruses though some antiviruses can detect it as a false positive.

Update 2020.01.22

- removed maintenance cost for guild bases

Update 2020.01.08

Server address changed, you must update to be able to connect to the server

Update 2019.05.19

- Increased mobs lvl in Traning Grounds
- Increased stack amount of some items

Update 2019.04.14

- lowered price for Hell's Corestone 4x
- lowered Hell points requirement for Anima upgrade
- decreased Guild base maintanance cost 2x
- decreased Guild base build materials requirements 2x
- removed inactive login gates

Update 2018.08.04

- New lvl 7 gems was added
- Decreased cost of lower gems
- Wings lvl 5 now require lvl 7 gems, lvl 4 wings - lvl 6 gems and so on.

Update 2018.07.19

- Hero Rank 2 can buy cheap for normal gold now from Avari and Hoodle
- Sweet and Primrose Dreamland's now gives tons of exp!
- Updated newbie starter packs with some great stuff - Star Crystals, Lvl 4 Gems, Radiant golden chests, lvl 70 gears and more
- Now new chars can lvlup almost instantly to lvl 79 simply drinking Dereamlands from Newbie packs and Gift Shop. Sweet Deamland can be used untill lvl 81, Primrose Dreamland untill lvl 85.

Update 2018.06.15

- pet whisperer quest increased from 3x to 6x per day
- taming: healthy diet from 1x to 3x per day
- jobs exp gain 2x higher (where applicable)
- fel irradiated ore quest will convert 4 ores at once now

Update 2018.06.02

- decreased exp requirement for lvl 81-85
- decreased 2x Mastery/resistance training cost
- decreased damage and hp of AOS
- increased damage and hp of Prison instance
- decreased 2x guild maintenance cost.

Update 2018.05.09

- Increased 3x Exp rate
- Guild quests Zeal reward was increased 4x
- added Guild Upgrade items into Donator shop - Misc 2 (gives Zeal, merit and Contribution)

Update 2018.01.30

- increased Hero rank 3 gears drop chance from Dragon Tower Bosses
- added missing Heal set for Bard into drops, Avari and Donator shop
- added missing Heal set parts for Priest into Avari

Update 2018.01.20

- added Arena season 3 gear into Ferrie and Donator shop. Season 2 is used to craft Season 3. Note that you must remove gems before crafting or they will be lost!
- added Hero 3 gear into Komog, Ivenia, Balerion drops and into Donator shop
- added random Gloop pack into Avari and Donator Shop
- added random new mount pack into Avari
- added Amethyst Scroll Pack, Gold Scroll Pack, Dark Amethyst Scroll Pack, Dark Gold Scroll Pack into Avari
- added Fel Irradiated ore into Avari and 2x reduced price in Donator shop
- New VIP mounts are tradable now
- Golden Treasure Chest is stackable to 999 now
Full client was updated to the latest version

Update 2018.01.09

- added new fashion in Wendy and Melanie NPCs in Hall of Glory
- added new Mounts in Donator Shop
- Rift rewards was changed to better ones
- Altar of Faith rewards was changed to better ones
- Arena Season 2 gears requirements decreased significantly
- Added to Avari fusion Agents lvl 4 & lvl 5, Brilliance of glory, Attack transmutation scrolls, Fel-quenched Essence and reduced cost of LMS orbs
- added missing Priest Hero 2 items into drop list
- full client was updated to the latest version
new Mounts preview: http://fw.lmspw.com/mounts.php

Update 2017.12.26

- Much better drops in Arena of Souls and Lost Lighthouse
- decreased mobs attack in Lost lighthouse
- lv5 runes price decreased in Donator shop
- added 3 missing parts of Light Source set for Priest in Donator shop

Update 2017.11.07

- Custom Lost Lighthouse instance with great drops

Update 2017.10.24

- Increased Guild funds max limit
- Increased Guild Base maintenance cost

Update 2017.10.09

- Increased Guild funds max limit
- Increased Guild Base maintenance cost

Update 2017.10.02

- Mercury statuette value increased. It can be sold to NPC for 30g or trade in Guild Midas for 28,8g.
- Mercury statuette price in Boutique was increased to 2000 Leaves.
- Increased Guild funds max limit.

Update 2017.09.27

- Guild Base maintenance cost increased. Guild Base buildings cost more gold
- This will help prevent from reaching 2000D+ in guild reserve which leads to bug with unable to convert guild reserve funds

Update 20.06.2017

- Added Rare Pet skills into Donator shop - Pets 2 section
- Added common Pet skills lvl 3 into Hicks
- lowered price for Hell's Corestone from 1500 to 1000 hell points

Update 11.06.2017

- Increased drops in Arena of Souls
- lowered price for Hell's Corestone from 2000 to 1500 hell points
- added pet skills into Donator shop - VIP Pets 2 section
- added Dark Amethyst Scroll into Otis - Crystals section

Update 12.12.2016

- Dusk Town was customised
- New lvl 5 rune packs in Donator shop (tradable)
- Big life/mana serums restore more hp/mp now (tradable)
- Arena season 1 gears require less reputation
- LMS Orbs added into Desio

Update 22.11.2016

- decreased amount of Arena points required to buy Season 1 arena gears in Dessio and decreased price in Donator shop
- added reputation requirement to buy LMS Orbs and decreased Battlefield Points required
- fixed Tenebra Mines drops

Update 2016.08.01

- added grand lv5 rune into donator shop-misc2
- void glow and void dust added into Otis - glow
- added valuable drops into treasure box in AoS
- pray lv4 chance to get donator coin should be better now

Update 2016.06.28

- added Soul Crystal lvl7 pack into Donator Shop
- removed bugged flights from Donator Shop

Update 2016.06.23

- fixed VIP fashions. Players who has old fashion can upgrade it in Hall of Glory
- increased drops in Fort Rotulor

Update 2016.06.08

- decreased a bit damage and hp of AoS bosses
- decreased a bit damage and hp of Rotulor bosses and mobs
- Appellion reward box fixed
- Fixed lvl requirement of Assasin Off-hands

Update 2016.05.19

- updated Gates, you must update patcher to be able to connect to server
- decreased price for Fel-quenched Shard and Essence
- added new mounts and flights in Donator shop
- added LMS Orbs in Avari

Update 2016.04.25

- added War God Badges and fel irradiated ore into Bosses of Tomb of Kings, Gauntlet of Storm, Aeon Spire and Tenebra Mines
- added fel irradiated ore and Offhands recipes into Donator Shop
- some fixes

Update 2016.04.13

- increased drop chances in Arena of Souls and Fort Rotulor
- Dark Dwarf Miner now have chance to drop: soul gems and crystals lvl 6 and 7, Titanium ore, Kismet Jewel
- updated requirements to craft Green and Blue Offhands in Guild Rune Artisan

Update 2016.04.11

- released customized Arena of Souls. Drops: Elemental gears, Zodiac weapons, Hero rank 2 gears, and many more valuable items
- released customized Fort Rotulor. Drops: offhand and jewelry lv80+ materials
- added new handholds, lv81+ reidentification scrolls into Donator shop
- lv81 and 83 offhand recipes moved to Guild Rune Artisan
- updated VIP fashion in Hall of Glory, fashion now have base and additional stats. Players who already bought old version can request upgrade (send email with your char info and screenshot of fashion in inventory to LMS)
- War God Badge is replace of Battlefield points to craft gears

Update 2016.03.28

- added new Fashion NPC's in Hall of Glory, Nightfall Citadel. You can buy all purple fashion there
- increased Server Exp rates to 30x
patch is 300Mb.

Update 2016.03.07

- added lv85 jewelry in Avari and Donator shop
- added lvl 81-85 offhands in Avari
- added Dark Gold Scroll in Avari and Otis (used to identify lvl 85 gears)
- added Hell corestone in Donator shop

Update 2016.02.01

- added Deluxe Rune Packs (Lv3) fixed color into Otis NPC
- decreased price for Deluxe Rune Packs (Lv3) in Donator shop
- increased drop rate of Gold packs
- increased drop of blue gears from Black Goblins and similar mobs
- Donator coins price increased to 40D

Update 2016.01.25

- decreased price of Donator coins in Banker (35G) and Boutique (2000 Leaves)
- increased Mercury Statuette sell price from 10 to 18 Gold.
- decreased Mercury Statuette (100) price in boutique
- decreased prices for mounts, pets, fashion, Anima shelter
- Vigor and Energy regeneration rate is increased 2x
- added rename ticket into Donator shop - Misc
- added exchange of Evil Souls to save you from clicking in Rose Shop (HR)
- added Gold packs (20-60gold) drop into mobs that drops ToF
- these monsters now also drop ToF and Golden packs:
Sleeping Jungle: Eagle Dancer/Bodyguard, Zeke Fighter/Warrior, Ferocious Totem, Toe Biter
Sea of Oblivion: Mausoleum Guard, Chained Demon,
Hazed Wilderness: Medusa, Hydraslit
Lunagrant Woodland: Dream Weaver, Forest Beetle
Gloomy Forest: Gloom Witch, Little Witch
Kalaires Plain: Demono Bat, Lenasha Cadet

Update 2016.01.18

- exp rates is 2x higher now
- leaves for being online was increased to 250 per hour
- decreased price of Donator coins to 2500 Leaves in Boutique, to 50gold in Banker.
- decreased price of lvl 3 Rune packs in Donator shop
- decreased price of lvl 2 and lvl 3 rune packs in Otis
- added pack of 100 Mercury Statuettes into Boutique.

Update 2015.12.21

- increased drop of ToF
- tamer exp 2x less required for lvl 2
- decreased price for fashion idents items in Otis

Update 2015.11.09

- runes from Grand Lv3 Rune Gift Pack is no longer bound
- added Seraphic Flux Weapon into Donator shop
- added new smiles (30 day) into Donator shop
- added Sapphire Parchment Pack (1000) into Donator shop
- added Sapphire Parchment into Otis
- decreased price for Scroll of Amethyst in Otis
- Token of Faith drop chance was increased

Update 2015.10.26

- Guild midas Mercury statuette conversion rate increased (more gold)
- Koubo Bear, Tarrasque, Lord of Moss, Ayanaka, Mutated Dionaea damage decreased a bit

Update 2015.10.19

- added Donator coins to Banker for sale
- added Travelers Boots (purple) drop into Koubo
- decreased attack power of recently edited bosses

Update 2015.10.12

- Komog drop rate was increased
- Dual Headed Giant, Susanoo, Mayes Tinclaw, Infernal Medusa, Scorpion King, Clay Golem, Robber RingLeader, Green Dragon now drop World Elite Treasure Chest
- Furious Ogre, Eagle Berserker, Stele Spirit, Relic Guardian drop World Elite Treasure Chest
- 2x decreased price for Elemental Star Essence in Donator shop
- decreased price for magic rock dust in Donator shop

Update 2015.10.08

- Koubo Bear, Tarrasque, Lord of Moss, Ayanaka, Mutated Dionaea, Horned Naga level increased, gold drop increased, added drop 77 lvl purple gear
- Crystal Gigas gold drop increased, added drop of 80 lvl weapons (chance) lvl 77 gears, gemstones lvl 3, and other gears
- Guild Midas statuette to gold conv. rate was decreased

Update 2015.10.05

- Koubo Bear, Tarrasque, Lord of Moss, Ayanaka, Mutated Dionaea, Horned Naga are stronger now and drop Diamond coins chests
- Apostasy Orchestrator (from God's Trial, 70-85lvl) is stronger and drop Diamond coins chests
- Crystal Gigas Boss now have less hp but hit harder and drop Diamond coins chest
- Black Goblins are now lvl 80-85
- Nightmare carnival is open Tue, Thu, Sat 0:30-23:30
- Golden statuette can be sold to npc for 10 gold now
- Token of Faith price was decreased 2x in Banker

Update 2015.08.10

- added 75+ Fluxes into donator shop

Update 2015.08.04

- added golden and amethyst parchment packs into Donator shop
- added arena season 2 gears, wargod gears and jewelry into donator shop
- decreased exp required for lvlup (82-85)

Update 2015.07.21

- Parchments price was decreased in Otis
- Avari now sell Amethyst, Golden prachments and flame crystal for champion points
- Avari sell wargod gears for champion points
- drop of ToF was increased
- Hoodle now sell Tomb of King set

Update 2015.07.07

- lvl cap raised to lvl 85
- Otis now sell Anima: Shelter
- added exchange soul gems to soul crystals in Otis

Update 2015.06.08

- exp rates was increased by 50%
- added lvl 6 gems, fusion agent and extract scroll into donator shop
- added wings lvl 5
- added extract scroll lvl 5 and 6 into Lawrence
- added Anima shelter items into Otis - Special
- Big life/mana serums from donator shop now restore 14k Hp/Mp
- VIP astral reforge stone are fixed, now increase 15-25%, and cost just 6 coins
- Jewel of the Brave price was decreased
- fusion agent lvl 4, extract scrolls, cracked crystals, grand lv2 rune pack prices was decreased
- Vigor and Energy recovering rate was increased 2x
- Sona Starlight now sells lvl5 Fusion Agent
- added Crystal light into Otis shop
- Christer now sell goldspark lv4, shattershard lv4, twillightlv4 and crystaline lvl4
- Lawrence Guild Manager now sell lvl3 ghastly flare gembox, price for lvl2 ghastly flare gembox was decreased
- Glistening lowland boss Crystalized Demon drop lvl3 random gems
For those who prefer old look of wings download this gfx.pck

Update 2015.05.12

- Gods Trial mobs now drop Seraphic flux (75+) instead Spectral flux(<75)
- added Dazzling Jewels into Otis shop - Crystals
- decreased price for Sapphire and Amethyst Crystals

Update 2015.05.05

- quest amount for guild base buildings was decreased 2x
- Season 2 gears now require also jewels of brave
- all VIP Pets in Donator Shop are same stats now and Elite(2 types, att and def)
- added VIP racial mounts usable by all classes and high speed into Donator Shop
- increased 2x drop chance from Gods Trial's
- added elemental star essence into Donator shop
- added Elite dawn scroll into Donator shop, any pet can be upgraded with them up to Elite (purple) quality

Update 2015.04.28

- price of Token of Faith was decreased to 10g
- price of fashion packs in Donator shop was decreased
- Energy and Vigor recovering rate increased 2x
- Tenebra Mines, Forgotten Prison, Gauntlet of Storms, Aeon Spire, Tomb of Kings bosses now drop also Token of Faith

Update 2015.04.20

- DUSK TOWN Blood Lord bosses now have higher chance to drop runes
- Aeon Spire final boss Charlotte drops soul crystal lvl6
- Added to donation VIP Pets: Matthias, Nyos' Familiar
- Added to Otis - Glow: [Combat] Battle Panther, [Combat] Nyos' Minion and more items
- Added to Otis Attendance section
- God's Trial mobs now have higher chance to drop Spectral Fluxes, Donator coin and Virtue Coin
- last boss of Werewolf Invasion - Roarik now drops Donator coin and random skill book
- Drop chance was increased for Komog, Ivenia, Balerion in Dragon Tower
- Warlord points can be exchanged to brilliances of glory at Avari in Nightfall Citadel
- Wades Fishing Hole - added soul crystal lvl6 drop into Bosses: Demon Tree, Norhyde and Naga Lord.

Update 2015.04.14:

- added random dyes in Otis
- increased drop of ToF 4x
- Kluer, Mistress of Malice, Royal Executioner Biggs now drop soul crystal lv6 (100%)
- Catacomb Protector drop soul crystal lv4 (100%), Larex the Evil Eye drop soul crystal lv5 (96%)
- Caesar in now sell Elsee's wineglass, Fel-quenched shard, Fel-quenched essence for Champ points
- fixed some bugs

Update 2015.04.13:

- JOB exp leveling 5x increase rate
- decreased price of LMS Donator coins in Boutique
- increased Leaves for being online to 200 per hour
- Gear shard Packs are selling in Voodle, Hoodle, Yoodle
- added Arena Gears in Donator shop
- added super star crystal (100% chance) into donator shop
- masteries barrier items in otis 100 tof per 10
- Lesser Blood Mantra drop was replaced by ToF, Mantra is on sale in Otis
- Tof on sale in Banker. 1 tof = 20 gold
- Soul power rate from mobs was increased 10x
- Sona Starlight now exchange Fusion Gems 4 for Starlights
- star crystal now have 5x higher chance to fortify gears
- Hell Corestone price was decreased to 2000 HR points
- there is a good chance to receive LMS Donator coin while praying now. Chances to get Bloodstone lvl 4 for praying was also increased alot.
- fashion sets in donator shop are permanent now
- added more stuff into donator shop
- added into Otis shop alot of items, some moved from donator shop
- HR lvl30,35,40,45,50 Bosses now have chance to drop 75+ Fluxes, Starlight and LMS Donator coin
- Fort Khoaway last boss (78-82) now have chance to drop 75+ Fluxes, Virtue coin, LMS Donator coin, random Skillbooks

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Re: LMSFW update 2015.04.13

Post by Dream » 13 Apr 2015, 23:27

omg thanks! lms wow this is just wow!!! gonna tell my friends about this!!
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