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Re: LMSFW update 2015.02.23

Post by Hollow » 23 Feb 2015, 19:24

LMS wrote:- added Sanctuary Ruins instance. Apply via T button.
1 added Elemental epic gears in Donator Shop
2 players will receive Gear Shards from Provision Packs in Shylia Market - Gift
3 gear shards now sells in packs of 50 and are much cheaper in Donator Shop
4 mastery training items now sells in packs of 10 and are much cheaper in Donator Shop
5 fixed Nightmare Carnival. Its open Tue, Thu, Sat 0:30-23:30
6 Drop of Elemental bosses was fixed and now is offlike
7 Welkin Castle, Fort Rotulor and Emperor Canion are solo instances now
8 some bugs fixed
1. We dont need another pvp instance if we'll lose the rest of the community...
2. Why do you think ppl will buy grey elemental gear in the donator shop for 50 coins the piece?
3. this is ok
4. so i wasted lots of nights an electricity for nothing?
5. i dont care if i see the rest of the update, otherwise it would be nice
6. so we worked hard, worked for months, farming that stuff to reach our gear and a newbie can reach all we've worked hard for in a hour by himself?
7. this is ok
8. some bugs fixed (which are not important enough to write them down) and added more reasons to leave... :cry:

You mister have to learn something about customer satisfaction. :ugeek:
Seriously... I'm really asking myself why i write this. If it stays like that i really want to leave. And take the rest of our guild with me... they joined because of us, they will leave because of us, i know them.

Sorry for the post editing but it seemed a bit offensive, I understand your concern and will reply shortly to explain why updates are done and such and hope it explains things a bit.
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Re: LMSFW update 2015.02.23

Post by Shara » 28 Feb 2015, 20:27

Hello Hollow. :)

I understand why you're upset about the changes and will explain a few things that might help.

* Why things are changed (example);
If you look at beta games (real not private servers), they may change rewards, prices, enemy difficulty etc based on several things, for example in the early stages players earn a huge amount of gold, money or whatever the currency is, and the dev's think it seems unfair or too easy so they reduce rewards aswell as prices of things by a certain amount to balance it (for example they would be too spoiled and things would be way too easy to get :| ).

If there happen to be players that hear/read from others that things were way easier and joined the game too late they think it's unfair because it's harder, and even those older gamers may think the same, it is normal as it's part of changing/balancing game things.

* LMSFW updates/changes;
As LMS wants to increase the number of players online, things are done to make it more balanced or easier for newer players, I understand why you'd be upset at such things as you worked hard to get stuff and new players could get the same things like it's cake for example.

Do understand, that when a game is made, real or private server, it's not final, updates are always released (unless ofcourse the staff gave up on the game) to change or improve things, release new content, etc. As LMSFW is fairly new there aren't that many changes made to it yet, and if there happens to be a big change it may seem unfair to the older players (I personally get the same things with real games that it's made harder and I barely got time to farm for example so I don't like it which is an opinion and those are ok to post), but we don't mean to offend them or such in any way, we just want to improve the game for new and old players and hope they enjoy it.

As updates are released from time to time and not everything at once, something could look unfair while an update that comes after it makes it fair again, it all depends on what things can be changed, added, improved etc with an update, how someone looks at things, what their personal experience is with the game aswell as their opinion.

If you have any suggestions or ideas you can always email LMS or make a forum post, any ideas and suggestions are welcome. :)
And if you don't agree with something you're always welcome to post and explain why, or explain it (in detail ofcourse, that helps LMS to fix/change whatever your post is about) what you think should be changed/improved and LMS can change/fix it with another update.
There can also be suggestions like making some place or instance(s) to farm a special currency at to get special gear, having npc's to buy special gear at or some way to reward older players more as they have worked harder and newer players can get things more easily now, etc, they're all just suggestions/ideas.

I hope this explains it a bit, if you have any questions or such feel free to post a reply. :)

My facebook page if you need to contact me and I'm not online here, on the website, or in-game: Facebook
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