LMSFW v.496.2 Update info (09.04.2014)

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LMSFW v.496.2 Update info (09.04.2014)

Post by LMS » 09 May 2014, 19:03

Update 496.2 http://fw.lmspw.com/LMSPW_Patch496.2.zip
1. Download zip file
2. Double click on LMSPW_Patch496.2 to open
3. Drag and drop "resources" file and "data" file to your current LMSFW game folder
4. Prompt appears to "merge files" select yes
5. Select "replace all" files at prompt

- Added Donator Shop into most Mailboxes. It contains lots of usefull items, flights, pets, and more
- Added LMS Donator Coin - currency used in Donator Shop. Can obtain via donations or from Boutique.
- Donation page updated wiith new options
- Exp for all jobs are back to original now to avoid bugs. You can gain exp even from lvl 2 mines/crafts now
- Added Starter pack to newly created chars
- Double events are now available on our server, and will be activated randomly.

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