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Blood Harvest Server

Post by LMS » 14 Mar 2021, 23:45

Dear Players

Brand-new Forsaken World Blood Harvest classic-rate server is open with only a few quality of life changes, .
Server have classic rates for quest exp and soul, as well as double exp events.
This is to recreate an experience similar to the retail servers during their prime.
Voting for leaves still exist, however amount was substantially reduced in order to have a more classic-style economy.

Download new full client from Google Drive or Mega or Mediafire to play on new Blood Harvest server!
If you have issues with autopatcher, you can use our Manual Patch

Played on our old Dysils Wrath server? Claim your reward here

-Ominox Vanguard, Ominox Overseer, Blubbard, Captain Cook, Nergal the Corruptor, Trevores, Patrick IronWhip, Kluer, Vondalyn Moonlight drop Mercury statuete
-NPC Crister: added lvl 4 Goldspark Shatterhard and Twilight gems
-NPC Lawerence: decreased cost of Ghastly Flare Box, added Fusion Agent level 1-4
-increased gold drop for some bosses
-daily quests now reward also Gold


-increased 5x player, 2x pet lvlup speed utill lvl 70 (less exp needed).
-boss Furious Ogre increased chance of gold drop

-fixed world treasure chests not being able to open by Reapers.
-added Mercury statues drop into Barsilis, Face of Terror, Ancestral Tree, Kambours,Goutah the Fallen, Evil Eye
-Norgen's Work, Norgen, Father of Machines, Soulmass Suppressor, Soulmass Tree drops ToF
-added drops to bosses Furious Ogre, Mutated Dionaea, Green Dragon, Horned Naga
-Devious Blood Lord,Murderous Blood Lord,Terrifying Blood Lord now drops Equilibrium level 2 runes

-added shards for gold into Yoodle, Hoodle, Voodle
-decreased Stone of Sage price to 15g
-Oracle: Light of Revelation - added to Donator shop, and price decreased 2x in Otis

-Donator coins can be sold for 20 Soul Gold
-decreased price of quick strider, redbeack, mastiff, added Corrupt panther mount, Sky Sultan and SkyCar Alpha flights, Star Crystal into Toodle NPC for Gold
-increased chance of fortify for star crystal.

-instances open 24/7: Gods Trial 1-2, Nightnare Carnivals, all Fissures, LCS Daybreaker
-fixed custom pets
-added Mercury statuete drop into Montis Desolar, Mortulor the Drake, Nudo Stormscale, Vondalynn Moonlight,Scarlet Hammer, Lycil Moonlight, Bobouruk, Alatas, Moroda, Skeletal Dragonlord, Catacombs Protector
-added chance to drop ToF's to Mystic Warden, The Demon of the depths, Hobgoblin Warden, Cyclops Warden
-decreased amoutn of Chromatic badges required to craft Chromatic gears to 30

- small fixes

-added Donator Shop into Mailboxes. Lots of pets, flights, and useful items there.
-added LMS Donator coin into Leaf shop
-Gods Trial 1-2, all Fissures, Nightmare Carnivals should be open 24/7 now
-Chromatic gear max fortify lvl increased to 12
-returned Voodle shard exchange
-added few more items into gold shop (Toodle)
-updated bosses Infernal Medusa, Undead Sladd, Elite Selassie, Elite Ghost of Flame, Solarien Archpriest (drop gold, items)
-added Exotic Azurecloud into Otis

- decreased exp reward for fel irradiated ore quest
- updated bosses Vampire Bat, Undead Sladd, Selassie, Crystallized Demon, Naga Lord (drop gold, items)

- updated world bosses drops
- added Pet Soul Transfer Scroll, Dawn Scroll, Star Fragment, Star Diamond and Stone of Sages into Toodle shop.
- removed Voodle shard exchange service
- Added realm 5
- Server Era upgraded to Deity

- modified exp requirement per lvl between 40-79 decrease from +30% to +10%
- added drops to Apostasy Orchestrator bosses lvl 20-60
- increased some prices in boutique (Fusion Agents, Mercury statue, Paragon pack,

- edited more Bosses, added to drop Flare Gembox,lv2 Fusion Agent, Star Crystal and Gold :Abyss Nightmare, Dreaded Behemoth, Lunarmurk Chief, Robber RingLeader, Naga Lord
- added more items to Toodle sell list:Quick Strider, RedBeak and Mastiff mounts, Golden Fleece, Lucky Top, Couples Pack, Pet Growth Pill, Pet Shrink Pill
- increased +30% exp required per lvl between 40-79 lvls
- fixed gold drop boxes now can be opened by all chars

- World Bosses lvls 1-40 added gold drop, increased lvl and Exp.
- God's Trial Boss added drop of gold and ToF
- Toodle Merchant now sells World Flute, VIP Pass, Talent Compass, Memory fruit, Lionheart Scroll, Book of Faith (Valued tab)
- Lionhear scroll, Flute, Star Crystal, VIP card in boutique now can also be purchased for Soul Leaf
- increased 10x max Vitality, Max Vigour, Max Belief.
- 10x World Flutes for same leafs, price for gold also deecreased

- Decreased price for World Flute to 0.5g, 5x flutes in leaves shop for same price.
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