[1.3.6] G21 Gears Guide!

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[1.3.6] G21 Gears Guide!

Post by LMS » 12 Jan 2016, 11:16

Hi guys, Here is guide how to farm for G21

There are New Era Forges in West Archosaur
There are 5 main g21 materials required to craft g21 gears

Lunar Ore you can get from Lunar Glade instance. You can teleport via Illusion stone. There is lvl 145 requirement for teleport.

Talk to Lunar Janitor and take daily Lunar Ticket quest (require lvl 145 and 100k reputation). You will receive 8 tickets (non tradable)

Now take Necro Moon quest. after killing required monsters report to Teleporter NPC in the end of this map. You have chance to be rewarded with another lunar ticket or Necro moon Ore. Now take next quest from this NPC and teleport to next map.
Repeat same actions on every map.

Each map quest have unique ore as reward, and only last map have random ore reward.

You can combine those ores into Lunar ore in Lunar Forge: Material

Light and Dark Wisp Souls drops from
They are spawned randomly on whole main map and on Heaven and Hell maps at altitude 70. Respawn time is 30 min. Items are tradable

Sage Soul and Demon Soul can be farmed in Eden and Brimstone Pit from mobs. There is no limitations to enter. Items are tradable

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