[1.3.9 PvP] Weekly PvP Tournament

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[1.3.9 PvP] Weekly PvP Tournament

Post by LMS » 06 Jan 2019, 13:33

Particpate in 1vs1 PvP Tournament and receive PvP Badges and points in PvP Rankings table.

Event time: Every Sunday 17:00 on ADC Arena (unless rescheduled)

- only own buffs/team buffs for 2vs2
- no pills
- time limit is 5 min per fight, if no winner then duel

1st place - 3 PvP Badges, 3 points in ranking
2nd place - 2 PvP Badges, 2 points in ranking
3rd place - 1 PvP Badge, 1 point in ranking

You can check ranking table here

You can spend your PvP Badges on Exclusive PvP armors and weapons at Martial Match Officer.

If anyone has any suggestions feel free to comment.
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