Merry (early) X-Mas! [Check daily for events!]

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Merry (early) X-Mas! [Check daily for events!]

Post by Shara » 12 Dec 2013, 03:24

Heya everyone.

Sorry everyone, it was a busy time around X-Mas so I'll be giving away a few pet eggs soon through trade or catshop, just ask in WC when I'm online for a pet egg, but only one per person and Veno/WF character.

Since X-Mas will arrive soon, the Snowmen event is active in every main city, Archosaur, Etherblade, City of the Plume and City of the Lost.
Each Snowman has a chance to drop some fun items like firework and pills that give you a monkey, pumpkin or other type of head for a certain time.

(The event is sadly not yet active on 1.4.7 PvE/PvP but it will be as soon as possible.)

The closer we get to X-Mas, the more things may be added as an event but that is still being discussed, if you have an idea feel free to drop a post. A double all for a week or so and a big event might not be done at the same time as it would increase money or other drops alot, but it's always possible.
Example of some events:
Evil Snow themed event, lots of Snowman and ice-related monsters/bosses.

There will be a few NPC's or stakes added to certain area's and towns, but do not kill them unless it says otherwise in the lists below. They are just stakes and will not respawn nor drop any items or gold and are just there for fun and as X-Mas decoration.
More decorations will be added later on in the main cities.
Decorations not to attack or kill if it's a stake:
Frosty (Snowman stake)
X-Mas <3 (Snowman stake)
X-mas Tree

Monsters you may kill:
(Or any other event monster/boss.)

------ Event or Chance to get your own big Wolven Grand Mother Veno/WF-only pet!
After some short talks and questions, I thought it would be fun to have a sort of mini event and give Veno (WF) users the ability to get a fun wolf pet.
How it will be done is not sure yet, but it could be done with either a catshop on x1000 in West ADC/Arch, or with an event like Easter Egg Hunt, that I put up my catshop with 1 pet egg at a time and only Veno (WF) users may find me to get the pet egg, and each time a new location and only one person per pet egg.

If you wish to vote on this event or have any other ideas, post them before monday 16 December next week or either options will be chosen by me and/or the other GM's.

Wolf Pet:

Thanks all and don't forget to post your X-Mas event idea!

My facebook page if you need to contact me and I'm not online here, on the website, or in-game: Facebook
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