[1.3.9 PvP] a guide to crafting a Hercule or Phoenix

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[1.3.9 PvP] a guide to crafting a Hercule or Phoenix

Post by Laysie » 06 Dec 2018, 21:43

Step 1 :
Go to a Pet administrator
Pet administrator.jpg

Step 2 :
Talk to the NPC and click on the highlighted option
administrator menu.jpg
Step 3 :
It will open this tab
administrator quest 1.jpg
Step 4 :
Click on the Upgrade Tab
administrator quest 2.jpg
This will show you the requirements to craft either a Hercule or a Phoenix. As you can see you need a couple of different pet eggs. These pets are considered rare pets and have a hefty respawn timer when after they are tamed or killed, some of them won't respawn for a full 48 hours.

These are the pets you need to tame with the locations they tend to walk / fly around.
bunny.jpg (3.3KiB)Viewed 17991 times
bunny location.jpg
kitty.jpg (3.14KiB)Viewed 17991 times
kitty location.jpg
puppy.jpg (3.77KiB)Viewed 17991 times
puppy location.jpg
piggy.jpg (5.27KiB)Viewed 17991 times
piggy location.jpg
kowlin.jpg (4.55KiB)Viewed 17991 times
kowlin location.jpg
bear.jpg (3.58KiB)Viewed 17991 times
ice bear location.jpg
armor bear.jpg
armor bear.jpg (6.37KiB)Viewed 17991 times
armor bear location.jpg
when you've tamed all of them you go back to the pet administrator to craft your herc or nix

NOTE: Keep in mind that these monsters move around and thus won't necessarily be on the exact spots the maps indicate. They usually move in between those waypoints from one point to the other.
frog.jpg (3.77KiB)Viewed 17991 times
frog location.jpg
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