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Getting a Master

You will get a quest pretty early on in the game telling you to find a master. Most masters will not take an apprentice at this level - they are looking for player at least in their 40s and most likely will only take guildies. There is a very good reason for both of these practices. The master wants someone who will be around for graduation - if the person has made it to lv40, the chances are good that this person is interested in the game enough to make it to lv60, which is the graduation level. Also, since they can't graduate until they are lv60, that person will be taking up their apprentice spot for a LONG time if they take them at such a low level. Taking only guildies ensures that the person is easier to keep track of and that they are helping out their guildies.

Your guild is a great place to find a master. Check with your guildies. If you are not in a guild join a guild! Some of your guildies may not be able to take you right now, but it's ok to wait. I can usually get an apprentice leveled for graduation in a week, so it's not urgent to get a master at anything less than lv50. In fact, it is often easier to get through graduation by waiting until later since the master will have less time to lose interest in completing it.

If no one in your guild can take you right now and you just don't want to wait, you can sometimes find a master using world chat.

Another way to find a master is to use the New Master button in the Master/Apprentice interface in the Friends menu. It will bring up a list of available masters in the area. You can click on the one(s) you would like to invite to be your master. They will get a pop-up invitation with your name, level and class. Most people will ignore these - so you may have to go through a lot of these invites before you find a taker.

Keep in mind that your class does not matter, you are not required to have a master of your same race/class. A bard can have a warrior master - it really does not matter. You may want to get the same race/class in order to get additional information from them on builds and skill use, but many of your guildies can help with that too.

If you have found a master from a manner other than using the Find Master tool in the master/apprentice interface, you will need to invite them. You can invite them from a distance by using the Search tool in the master/apprentice interface. Or you can hit New Master, type their name in, and hit the Recruit button. You can invite them if they are near you by clicking them, right clicking their target icon or name in any chat box, and choosing social/invite-master.

Master Led Quests

Daily Quest:
3 times weekly

Save Jon
Under Lv40

Master is lead of party. Tutor the apprentice to get the quest from Vanessa - only the master needs to take the quest. Autoroute to the Westedge Shore. Tutor apprentice. Apprentice talks to Jon. Spirits will appear that need to be killed. After three rounds of this, the master will be able to see a ? above Jon's head. The master talks to Jon and then you will need to kill Jon. Once he's dead, it's back to Vanessa. Master tutors to allow apprentice to complete quest. [?exp ?g?s?c]

Master is lead of party. Tutor the apprentice to get the quest from Vanessa - only the master needs to take the quest. Autoroute to the strange tomb. Tutor/review (you won't be able to open the cellar unless the apprentice reviews). Master clicks the cellar doors with the ? above it revealing the carrion. Master attacks while the apprentice picks and uses the flowers to weaken the carrion's armor (right click the flower in your bag once you pick it). Once he's dead, it's back to Vanessa. Master tutors to allow apprentice to complete quest. [22343040exp 1g50s68c]

Weekly Quest
Once weekly

Master leads the party that includes only the apprentice; this quest can not be picked up if in a party of more than the master and apprentice. Tutor, pick up the quest. Apprentice gets a recruit for the instance. Get a party to complete. There will be a special boss you need to call at a certain point in the instance - the doppleganger. Using the tool in their bag, the master will call up the boss. If the tool does not call up the doppleganger, look in wc for directions on which way to go to get to the proper spot - it will be in yellow. The spot in LH is in the room in the lighthouse with the two bosses - Marina and Cook. The spot in AoS is near the back wall. Kill the doppleganger and the quest is complete. The recruit gives extra friendship and exp.

Apprentice Benefits

Apprentice: Energetic Benefits
5 times a week.
Once the favor/friendship between master and apprentice reaches 100, the apprentice can trade in for exp. [3351456exp lose 100 rep/luck]

Apprentice Led Quests

Knowledge:Evil Addict
Once per week
Apprentice leads the group. Tutor apprentice, the apprentice takes the quest. Autoroute to Tonny. Tutor apprentice. Apprentice takes the Evil Addict quest from Tonny. Tonny has another quest - ignore it. Kill the monster. Back to Vanessa. [24 amethyst shards and 5 studies of courage 12g48s71c]


The friendship between the master and apprentice must be at 1000/1000 to get the full benefits of the master/apprentice system (I have graduated 2 apprentices that did not have max friendship with me - one even on had 10/1000!), but graduation only requires that the apprentice be at least lv60. The apprentice leads the party, you tutor/review, and Vanessa offers the apprentice the "Gratefulness" quest. It is very important that they NOT take the "End Apprenticeship" at this time. The gratefulness quests will bring you to the apprentices starting area. Only the apprentice gets an autoroute, so follow your apprentice closely if you do not know where you are going. You tutor and review and talk to a guide there. This will give you a series of text that graduates the apprentice. You should see a message saying that the graduation is complete and your quest will fill and disappear on it's own. The apprentice's name will automatically move to the Graduate list in the master's apprentice menu.
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