LMSFW update 2015.02.23

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LMSFW update 2015.02.23

Post by LMS » 23 Feb 2015, 17:42

Start game from Patcher to autoupdate.

patch notes:

- added Sanctuary Ruins instance. Apply via T button.
- added Elemental epic gears in Donator Shop
- players will receive Gear Shards from Provision Packs in Shylia Market - Gift
- gear shards now sells in packs of 50 and are much cheaper in Donator Shop
- mastery training items now sells in packs of 10 and are much cheaper in Donator Shop
- fixed Nightmare Carnival. Its open Tue, Thu, Sat 0:30-23:30
- Drop of Elemental bosses was fixed and now is offlike
- Welkin Castle, Fort Rotulor and Emperor Canion are solo instances (its in testing mode now)
- some bugs fixed

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