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Suggestion Thread

Post by Ishiwatari » 30 Mar 2014, 20:18

Hello Forsaken World LMS!

I created this thread to improve our server! If you have any suggestions as to what you might like changed, feel free to post.
Please keep in mind we're only human & that all requests may not be possible.
With that being said I'll post everything I have heard from feedback during support GM duty.

- Divine token be added to the item mall
- Eternity Orbs be added to the item mall
- Energy & Vigor rates x10 (still working on this as we speak)
- Hourly leaves be increased to 100 leaves per hour
- Increase Orb drop rates (to make the rare items easier to acquire)
- Hell Road training points exceed total amount (most cases 5 points is the maximum one can earn in a single room, in hopes to increase the maximum on a 5x multiplier for a total of 25 training points)
- Multiplier be increased to 3x rate for soul power
- Guild bases be accessible in game
- Arena score multiplier x5-x10 (for points acquired with every victory earned)
- Frostglae fjord be accessible with a minimum party (players may enter as a part of 3 members minimum)
- Zeal rate be increased to x50 due to 10% being taken away daily
- Pet soul drop rates be increased with a multiplier of 3x
- Arena 3v3 & 6v6 is open 24/7 (I know many of you asked for this one and we're working on it)
- LCS daybreaker increased to 3 runs per day
- Soul gold rates increased to 50x
- Happiness points rate increased by 5x (for thy marriage quest)
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Re: Suggestion Thread

Post by Campino » 12 Apr 2014, 02:59

Much more things can be improved to make the server to stay alive... at the moment it's pretty empty and people won't come here.
When will those changes be implemented? The wait is making this server lose several players.
Many things are still not implented. The server has potencial but more and more people are leaving because it's just empty and There is no GM in site.
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