Automatic PvP Tournament

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Automatic PvP Tournament

Post by LMS » 30 Jun 2013, 12:53

Automatic PvP tournament is working on 1000x server. Teams possible.

The Tournament Event occurs every Thursday night at 20:00 (8 PM, server time) and Saturday 18:00 (6pm). Sign up at any Tournament Agent NPC located in the major cities (100k entrance fee). Registration is only open for 5 minutes, so don't be late.

There is 2 Separate Tournament categories: lvl 100-124, and lvl 125+.

Players entering the tournament will be separated into six different brackets, depending on their level.

Each bracket has a maximum of 96 competitors. At the end of registration period the tournament will begin.

Step 1: Players compete within their individual rooms to open one of the Tournament Chests. Players who are able to open the chests will advance to the next round .

Step 2: Players compete again in within their individual rooms for the Tournament Chests (6 chests in each room so max 6 players can proceed to next round). The catch is that now the room is PK enabled! Every 5 min you will proceed to next step of tournament. All who survive will face eachother In the Final round, there you have to fight for 1-3 place chests with rewards.

Rewards can be taken to the Tournament Agent to be exchanged for powerful items!

If you die - your out.
Winner can exchange champion badge into LMS Platinums in Donator shop

We have added more custom rewards:
- soulgems grade 11-12
- Champion Casque
- Champion MageHat
- Champion Ring
- Champion Belt

Guide here ... 483#p25483

Have fun.
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