LMS Forsaken World

Dysil's Wrath (v.496) Private Server

Server rates:
Exp 30x SP&Money: 15x
Items Drop: 50x
PvP and PvE realms

Dysils Wrath expantion, All Instances Working
You will receive 250 Leaves for every hour spent online (500 on weekends),
2500 leaves for each vote (login on vote page)

To start playing LMS Forsaken World - Dysil's Wrath

1. Download and install our client:
or Google Drive or Mega:
part 1 2 3 4
or Mediafire
part 1 2 3 4
(Save all 4 parts to same directory and launch part 1)
  2. Register game account

Vote and receive Leaves

Beginners Guide

Leaves for voting are delivered every hour, for being online - every morning.
Warning: there is limit of 3 alts per person can be used at same time.
Using more may lead to ban of all chars!