Exciting New Features Added to 1.5.1 05/04/2014

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Exciting New Features Added to 1.5.1 05/04/2014

Post by GMInnocence » 04 May 2014, 17:46

Hi everyone, just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for downloading this exciting new update.

Ghost Wing your new bounty hunter quest boss is now outside of the Endless Universe in Morai at 478, 576. It respawns every 10 minutes.

We welcome back the Spring Festival Event your coin bosses. They appear every four hours, watch for the red chat.

The Spank-U Event has also been added to the server. We look forward to seeing it every Saturday at 22:00 server time outside of West Archosaur. Do not forget to pick up your daily Bounty Hunter quests located at 554, 653 (27) on the platform in the middle of Archosaur.

Your weekly Archosaur Invasion now has two times the experience. Gather your friends, get your hyper stones and guardian charms ready and enjoy.

Primordial Bloods now drop from the Vanished Ancestor in Nirvana. You can enter with a Nirvana Key down by Raging Tides at 673, 165. Keys can be acquired from completing your daily bounty hunter quests or by purchasing them from the "Buy Stuff Here" dog or your LMSPW Boutique Agent located in all major cities.

As always we wish you the very best gaming experience on LMS Perfect World.

Your GM Team
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