How to earn money for customs?

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How to earn money for customs?

Post by Astrid88 » 20 Feb 2012, 15:47

Some people don't have much real money, can't or are afraid to put them on internet or just don't want to do it for some other reason. I found some websites that pay you for clicking ads etc. They send you money directly to your paypal account so you can easly donate to LMS there:

Websites that already paid me:

Real-cashPTC, Click ads, NO minimum! :o
Twickers, Click ads, withdraw minimum 0,1$

Polish websites:

Dukacik, Click ads, Withdraw minimum 0,20PLN
Sejfik, Click ads, Withdraw minimum 3PLN
Ekasa, Click Ads, Withdraw minimum 5PLN

French websites:

Musikeo, Mini games, Withdraw minimum 5€

Websites that I haven't get payment yet because of not reaching withdraw minimum:
(but people say the websites really pay)

I-Gagnant la barre, Surfbar, Withdraw minimum 15€
20$2surf, Surfbar, Withdraw minimum 20$
MyBrowserCash, Surfbar->click ads, Withdraw minimum 20$

Anno1777, Game, Withdraw minimum 10€

Charmbux, Click Ads, Withdraw minimum 2$

BuxJW, Click Ads, Withdraw minimum 5$, currently no paypal :(
Bemabux, Click Ads, Withdraw minimum 5$, currently no paypal :(
BuxWorker, Click Ads, Withdraw minimum 5$, currently no paypal :(

Polish websites:

Adbiznes, Click ads, Withdraw minimum 10PLN
ZielonyMail, Click ads, Withdraw minimum 15 PLN
ImperiumReklamy, Click Ads, Withdraw minimum 15PLN
CentrumReklamy, Click ads, Withdraw minimum 30PLN

If you don't want to be my referral just cut the ref or refid information from link.
If you know any more websites like that let me know in this topic (I can be your referral ;)).
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Re: How to earn money for customs?

Post by iferget » 01 Mar 2012, 05:24

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