New player questions =)

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New player questions =)

Post by finalworld » 06 May 2011, 11:51

Hi guys, new player here on x200 server. (2 days, lvl 90 atm)

This server does not work like "normal" PW server i notice =P (i know, im way to smart)
So im wondring if there is any trick on levling at my lvl ? (90)
Should i just grind normal mobs around my lvl or do anything else ?
i notice that atleast fb19 elf has lvl 120 mobs inside, are all fb like that ?

Just those 2 questions to start with, maybe add more later =)

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Re: New player questions =)

Post by Astrid88 » 07 May 2011, 17:16

Yes. The best way to lvl up for you will be just grinding mobs your lvl unless you find a high lvl who will plvl you in fb119 or something like that. But you can also go to Sundays rancor. Great exp solo or in party, doesn't matter. The event starts at 18.00 server time and last till 21 server time or so. Mobs appear around ADC and 1k city. You might not be able to kill lanes yet but you will do fine on standing mobs I quess (you will see them by flying out ADC and flying over the running mobs). Just make sure you aggro only one a time since they can still hit quite hard on your lvl - but they are easy to kill, a few hits and they give you the exp and money.

Just don't forget to put exp scroll on everytime you go to grind (you can buy the scrolls in LM$ coins pot in west ADC for 600k each). They give you double exp for a hour.

About fbs: Fb 29, 59, 69,79,89,99 and 109 are like in other game versions. But fb 19 is now fb 119, fb 39 - fb129 and fb49(51) - fb139.
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Re: New player questions =)

Post by iferget » 10 May 2011, 02:51

I think they give you 1.5x exp not double. but still worth it.
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