This is a warning/note for advertise(product/site) posters.

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This is a warning/note for advertise(product/site) posters.

Post by Shara » 23 Oct 2012, 03:42

Just ignore this thread if your a player, and enjoy playing the game.

It it apparently known/seen, that alot of random people from other websites try to post their useless website links with other advertising information, such as products or company things that they sell or whatever.
Do note, I don't care whether your a botter and read this or not, or a person who comes on our website and thinks "oh let's advertise our site" or "let's make a program to make posts daily".
I simply want you to know, if you even read threads before posting, it really won't matter what you try, how much effort and time you waste of your life making those posts, or how many times you try to post it for people to read, it is just a waste of time.

Your advertising isn't that welcome here, and sadly I think not many people, or actually any, would care.
So, no offence, but I'm sorry to inform whoever keeps posting, it's useless.

And therefor all advertisement will be removed to ensure a clean and good forum community for players to post or find information.

Just like to add a little something extra.
As it has been noticed, for people to post advertise sites and info.. they need what? 10-30 minutes to register a new account and post it?..
If you as advertiser, believe you are annoying us with your stuff in any way, your sadly wrong.. I'll explain.
1, Your post is removed and your account is banned in less then 20 seconds.
2, I simply enjoy throwing your little idiot advertise butt off the forums, no matter how many times. <3


To players who do read this, enjoy playing the game, have fun, and don't forget to vote every 6 hours.

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