Event ideas.

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Event ideas.

Post by GMVinson » 05 Nov 2011, 03:35

Please post up your ideas for good events PvP PvE hide and seek whatever. Posts that are not related to this topic or posts that are outrageous will not be approved.
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Re: Event ideas.

Post by Halibell » 08 Nov 2011, 15:38

Since there are new areas it means more interesting HnS event also there are new mobs and perfect place for making events or change already implemented events from PWI like Rotten Trench event into something interesting for LMS.....LMS should make something like event tickets which would be untradable and which you would be able to get in these places or via custom events and you would change them for certain things (like new mounts, flights, special event pets/fashion/gear)......also it was already here but there was PvP event on 1kx server before major update last week it should be frequental too and also more custom events should be frequental so LMS will be even more fun.
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Re: Event ideas.

Post by Kurea » 10 Nov 2011, 12:49

How about if you spawn multiple groups of monsters around the map and make each group drop a unique item (some sort of token or something you can't get by any other means except for killing the event monsters).
The locations of each of these groups can be unknown and you could give clues on world chat about their whereabouts.
Each group could have something special/challenging about it like one group would be magic immune, the other would be physical immune .. things like that so players would be encouraged to help each other in order to get all the tokens.

In the end you can either give rewards to let's say the first 5-10 people that bring you a full set of tokens(one from each group of monsters) or you can make the event last longer (like a whole day) and reward everyone who has full sets of tokens afterwards. For best results, the day-long version of the event would be preferred as it would produce less drama XD

I realise that this might take a bit more work but it might be fun :P If anyone has ideas on how to tweak or improve this feel free to speak up.
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