[1.5.1] G19 Gears Guide

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[1.5.1] G19 Gears Guide

Post by LMS » 09 Feb 2016, 23:35

G19 Gears added in patch 39.

There are New Era forges in West Archosaur:

There are 7 main g19 materials required to craft g19 gears:

G19 Orb can be crafted in Flowsilver Palace Reward Trade forge, Material tab

G19 Ore can be harvested from High grade mines: Dragonwood Stake, Meteorite Iron Ore, Granite Rock, Lava Coal Stack (its good idea to take Daily Gathering quest at the same time)

G19 Light/Dark Soul can be farmed from Dark/Light Wisp:
They are spawned randomly in Lothranis/Momaganon at altitude 70. Respawn time is 30 min.

G19 Crystals can be crafted in Lunar Glade Materials forge in Lunar instance

All g19 materials are tradable

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