updated price list (1000x server)

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updated price list (1000x server)

Post by pedrao » 22 May 2014, 01:34

Hello people!
I'm making a guide to let players low lv updated as to the price of some of the most used items in game ..
So who is starting to play the server can have a reference when something is marketing.

this table was taken on 5/21/2014 so it may change any price!

So let's start

Item. ---------> Price aproximated
Materials (Stele,Stone) ----------> 100k earch

Uncanny ----------> 1m earch

Soul crystal ----------> 3m earch

Rapture crystal ----------> 500k earch

Best blood ----------> 250k earch

Raw ----------> 1,5m earch

Dark Soul ----------> 500k earch

Mistyc Fiber ----------> 500k earch

Purify Crystal ----------> 1m earch

Ancient Prism ----------> 70m earch

Deteared Skins ----------> 5-7m earch

Powerfull force ----------> 3m earch

breath of fire ----------> 4m earch

Quill of the Ascendence ----------> 10m earch

Devils Breath ----------> 10m earch

NOTE: Superior element need 300.000 rank reputation
with 300k you get a mission and gain the upper element


Low lv items:

Decides +12 1s stone: 120m

Shatterer +12 bow heaven 1s stone: 150m

Agama tank: 150 ~ 180m

Obskimed quoit lv 99 +12 1s stoned: 120m

109 weapons Items: g15
quoit: 150 ~ 200m
blue cross: 150 ~ 200m
claw and wep range: 150m
axes: 100m
bow: 150m

109 Armors: g15
These armatures 109 are cheap because there are already many of them on the server
No more than 120m
Are around 80m each piece with +12 3s
if you 4s is negotiating

115 weapons: G16
No suggestion therefore is to create LMS because the low lv feels much difficulty lv 109-125 ..
And no coincidence the gun is the same lv 109-125 .. in some cases it is used or agama tank decides to LV 125

Note: g16 weapons are lv 109 only ..
Lv 115 weapons are not good and are rare

Armor 115: g16
no more than 150m each piece
one piece 115 3s +12 is good and to farm and up
4 sockets the price increases already and is not as viable.

125 Weapons: G17
Quoit :150-200m
SlingShot :150-200m
Axes: 120m
Dagger: 150m
Claw: 150m
fist :100-120m

NOTE: In g17 the weapons will have a class requeriment and attention!

armor 125: g17
Cost around 130-170m
But with 12 3s and stones you can farm and up

In all cases of armor there are less valued and devalued pcs ..
Devalued .. That is, cost less.
Accessories exept rings

rings (180m in +0) g17
and the rest