Guide for Refining with Dragon Orbs 1.4.7

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Guide for Refining with Dragon Orbs 1.4.7

Post by Laysie » 24 Oct 2013, 17:54

Hi all =)

Recently i saw some people on the 1.4.7 servers who where desperately looking for gear which was refined to + 12 so they could transfer the refinement to their own gear with chienkun stones.
When they were asked it turned out that some people don't know how to refine their gear with Dragon Orbs, that is why i have decided to write this guide for those who need it.

First you go to the BUY STUFF HERE npc which is located in every major city or you can go to the LMSPW boutique Agent which is located next to every banker.
[attachment=8]buy stuff here.jpg[/attachment]

When you choose "buy goods" you will see their mall. in the first tab you'll see a lot of Balls in different colors, these are the Dragon Orbs used for refinement.
[attachment=0]row with DO's.jpg[/attachment]

To refine one piece of gear you need 1 of each Dragon Orbs ( except the level 2 Dragon Orb, since the level 1 Dragon Orb is missing from the shop you can buy 2 of the level 2 Dragon Orbs ) and a couple of Mirage Cellstones ( 12 for a piece of armor and 24 for a weapon). This will cost you about 60mil. I'm aware that using Chienkun Stones is 20mil cheaper but when you're out of transferable refinements those extra 20mil won't be that much of a problem.
[attachment=7]buying the stuff.jpg[/attachment]

When you have bought the stuff you can go to any Elder in the big cities.

choose the option " refine Equipment" and you'll get this Menu.

Drag the part you want to refine from your bag to the little box in the menu with the word "gear" written next to it on the left side.

Drag the Dragon Orbs to the other box but make sure you're using the right Dragon Orbs at the right refinement levels otherwise you will have to pay more in the end to get your gear to +12.
[attachment=6]DO 1 and 2.jpg[/attachment]

0-2 = level 2 Dragon Orbs
[attachment=19]DO 2.jpg[/attachment]
2-3 = level 3 Dragon Orb
[attachment=18]DO 3.jpg[/attachment]
3-4 = level 4 Dragon Orb
[attachment=17]DO 4.jpg[/attachment]
4-5= level 5 Dragon Orb
[attachment=16]DO 5.jpg[/attachment]
5-6= level 6 Dragon Orb
[attachment=15]DO 6.jpg[/attachment]
6-7 = level 7 Dragon Orb
[attachment=14]DO 7.jpg[/attachment]
7-8 = level 8 Dragon Orb
[attachment=13]DO 8.jpg[/attachment]
8-9 = level 9 Dragon Orb
[attachment=12]DO 9.jpg[/attachment]
9-10= level 10 Dragon Orb
[attachment=11]DO 10.jpg[/attachment]
10-11= level 11 Dragon Orb
[attachment=10]DO 11.jpg[/attachment]
11-12= level 12 Dragon Orb
[attachment=9]DO 12.jpg[/attachment]

press Refine

and you can see right here that your refinement was a success
[attachment=1]Refinement successfull.jpg[/attachment]
[attachment=2]Refinement successfull 2.jpg[/attachment]

then continue this until your gear has reached a refinement level of +12
[attachment=3]Refinement lvl 12.jpg[/attachment]

i hope things have become a bit more clear now =)
as always i am giving you people the oppurtunity to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions about the guides or would like me to make a specific guide or walkthrough for a dungeon.

see you all in game ;)
row with DO's.jpg
Refinement successfull.jpg
Refinement successfull 2.jpg
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