PvP tournament guide for 1000x server

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PvP tournament guide for 1000x server

Post by Laysie » 12 Sep 2013, 22:32

hi all,

on 1000x server we have our own PvP tournament which takes place every thursday at 20:00pm server time and every saturday at 18:00pm server time. there are 2 event catagories, 100-124 lvl and 125-150 lvl. teams are allowed.

by doing this tournament you'll have the chance to win materials for special gear or LMS Platinum (donator coins).

every thursday and saturday there will be an announcement 5min before the tournament starts

(TIP: before you start it might be helpfull to get buffs )

once announced you have 5 min to register at a tournament agent NPC which is located in every major city

pvp.jpg (8.76 KiB) Viewed 4043 times
Tournement Agent.jpg

talk to the NPC and pick quest related
quest related.jpg
pick your tournament
tournament pick.jpg
you get teleported into this room ( PK isn't enabled here yet)
application hall.jpg
application hall 2.jpg
once the tournament has started chests will appear in the room
chests app hall.jpg
dig a chest
dig chest app hall.jpg
dig chest app hall.jpg (28.23 KiB) Viewed 4043 times
then wait untill this NPC appears
NPC app hall.jpg
talk to it
talk to npc room 1.jpg
you'll get teleported into the first room where PK is enabled and the tournament has really started now
room 1.jpg
pk room 1.jpg
kill your opponent if you have one and wait untill the chests appear
( can also wait together with your opponent to dig the chests together and both go to the 2nd room)

dig the chest to obtain a Quarter-final Acces Card
dig chest room 1.jpg
and wait untill the NPC appears
NPC room 1.jpg
talk to it and get teleported to the next room.
(NOTE: the NPC only appears for 1min if you haven't talked to it before the time's up you won't be able to continue
talk to npc room 1.jpg
the next room is the same as the first room and you won't have to do anything different

so just repeat the same actions as you did in the first pk enabled room
room 2.jpg
the third room is a bit bigger then the first 2
room 3.jpg
but here you just have to repeat the same steps as in the previous rooms as well

after this room you will get teleported to the final room
final room.jpg
after while 3 chests will appear in the middle of the room

1st place
1st price chest.jpg
2nd place
2nd price chest.jpg
3rd place
3rd price chest.jpg
3rd price chest.jpg (22.25 KiB) Viewed 4043 times
dig one of the chests to claim your reward and get teleported out
dig prize chest.jpg
dig prize chest.jpg (25.89 KiB) Viewed 4043 times
during the tournament you have collected Valiant Tablets
Valiant Tablet.jpg
you can trade these for rewards as well at the Tournement Agent NPC
Tournement Agent.jpg
talk to him and choose champion rewards
champion rewards.jpg
prize tab 1.jpg
prize tab 2.jpg
also other rewards from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place chest can be traded for rewards here
prize tab 3.jpg
prize tab 4.jpg
the tournament is over now and you will be able to compete next time again =)
NOTE!!! : normally a GM char will never compete in the tournament UNLESS they got an assignment from LMS himself. i competed in the tournament to take the SS's for the guide and want to state that i didn't harm any players with me being there =) tyvm

i hope all is a bit more clear now and that you will be able to enjoy this event in game
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