Safety Lock Timer Reset

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Safety Lock Timer Reset

Post by Pixie » 20 Dec 2012, 13:24

If you have accidentally set the Safety Lock for too long, here are the steps to change it.

1. Go to the Safety Lock panel (hourglass icon next to your character portrait)
2. Set the Safety Lock time to 1 minute
3. Confirm the time change
4. Wait three days

You do not have to remain logged in during the three day period, nor will logging in/out affect this wait time. However, if you try to change your Safety Lock settings again during this time, the seventy-two hour waiting period WILL restart, so please be patient. The default setting for the Safety Lock is one minute. In other words, after logging in, you will have to wait for one minute before you are able to perform any of the actions mentioned below.

○Trading with other
○Droping items and coins

NPC functions:
○Selling items to npc's
○Imbuing ○Purifying
○Binding gear
○Demolishing gear
○Mailing items
○Trading gold
○Trade platform

If you change the duration to two hours, then every time you log in, on any character, you will need to wait two hours before performing the aforementioned actions.
The Safety Lock CAN NOT be deactivated before the set time has elapsed, nor are GM's able to turn it off for you.

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