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Guide to Avoid Scam!

Posted: 25 May 2010, 11:29
by Yviene
**Fake GM's.
How to identify a real GM?
(1) Check our help page ( for GM names on both server.

(2) When a GM pm's or sends you a message, you'll receive a message like this:
E.g : "GM: Hi, this is LMS."
You'll have to reply by typing the GM's name behind a / for example to LMS:
E.g: "/LMS Hello."
Note: There's only one GM LMS in game, remember this!
Also, a GM usually sends you their name in pm, just reply to them as stated above, no need to ask for a GM name in world chat unless they did not state their name to you in pm.

(3) GM's WILL NEVER ask for your account details/informations (username, password, email, etc.) in-game to pm, or give any free items like customs or other things for free or in exchange for your account login info.

(4) GM's will not ask you for any gear, gold or other things, for example to make your gear custom for you for free or to transfer customs for you, only LMS can transfer customs or make your gear customs. (Same for unbinding gear, only LMS can unbind your gear, DO NOT ask other GM's to do it.)

(5) If you believe a player is impersonating a GM, please notify a GM by either pressing the ingame 'HELP' button, or take one or more screenshots and send an email to [email protected].

**Player scams.
(1) Be sure your trade is fair, do not trade your item(s) to another player in one trade before making sure the other player trades their gold at the same time, some examples of scam trades.
"give item, i give it back later" - Then the player runs off with your item and does not give it back.
"trade, i give gold later" - Player runs off or trades item(s) to another alt and does not trade you the gold.
Please beware of these trades, we cannot help if it is your own fault.

(2) Never give or share your account information (username/password) or items to anyone in or out of game that you do not trust, no matter what they say!

(3) Verify item description & details when you trade items, to make sure they are the correct item you're going to trade before accepting.
E.g: Duration time for Flight Preview.

(4) Use LM$ Silver in trade when the amount of the trade is more than 200mil. LM$ Silver Coins can be sold to an NPC to get back gold from these coins in game.
Note: 1 LM$ Silver Coins = 19,000 gold ingame.

(5) Be sure you know and trust someone before trading anything with them. Do not just trade someone mats and such to let them craft for you just because they're in the same country, city or living a few houses away, they can be the stealing type (yes, you can be proud of your country but sadly every country has scammers) so you're warned.

Be sure to check what you trade, the same goes for dolls with PK, we won't or can't help if you drop customs or trade items and get scammed without watching what you do, PK and trading is at own risk.
Also please do not spam world chat with "QQ trade hack" as people can't hack trade, it then is most likely either a lie to be funny or you did something wrong with one of the things listed above and made a trade mistake.

Re: Guide to Avoid Scam!

Posted: 25 May 2010, 15:32
by Vyper!on
I would like to add something here if i may....
Last summer trade window had a title such as "you are trading with <<name of player>>. Now i do not have the name of the one i trade with mentioned in my trade window. If players are in crowded places there is the risk of trading with the wrong person and this way losing the items that they have.
I request that GM would make it possible again for the players to see who they are trading with.
Thank you!

Re: Guide to Avoid Scam!

Posted: 26 May 2010, 11:31
by Bowfinger
Another thing you can do is the following:

1. Team with the person you are trading with (expand chat window fully)
2. Discuss trade in team chat window including the names and quantities of each item
3. Go to a secure location and drop the items on the floor one by one allowing the teamed person to pickup
4. Each item is then registered as being picked up in the chat window of whom picked up the items.

That way you can keep a track of the chat itself and the items picked up by a person.

Even if the items span across two screenshots its still a good way to track as the trade window (as Vyp mentioned) does not contain the name of the person you are trading with.

Its something i've tried and tested before, its not exactly ideal but it helps when identifying any fraudulent behaviours.


Re: Guide to Avoid Scam!

Posted: 26 May 2010, 12:45
by Vyper!on
Bowfinger wrote: 3. Go to a secure location and drop the items on the floor one by one allowing the teamed person to pickup
What if game crashes of both of you get dc-ed and a third person comes to loot? :)

Re: Guide to Avoid Scam!

Posted: 26 May 2010, 12:57
by Bowfinger
It's not an ideal way to do it, but its the only traceable way and doing it one item at a time does give some security.

Dropping all items at once can definitely cause a headache if game dc's and/or crashes.

Which also brings me to my point of going to a secure location to do the drop, somewhere nobody would go. Like underwater somewhere completely random.

Until trade window bug is fixed, I tend to do things by teaming and dropping mostly.

Re: Guide to Avoid Scam!

Posted: 29 May 2010, 09:26
by TianShi
3. Go to a secure location and drop the items on the floor one by one allowing the teamed person to pickup
still, this is not the safe way to do tradings. >.< if your client crashes, or you get disconnected, who knows?

Re: Guide to Avoid Scam!

Posted: 29 May 2010, 13:06
by SheilaV
just to add a few, I've seen a fake Fausto with the name FaustoLMSPW (how I know he is fake? his english sucked real bad unlike the real GM and has no avatar pict and logged off as soon as me and a couple friends stated he was fake) a couple of time at the LMSPW chatbox at the mainsite. just wanna post this so readers will be extra cautious that GM scammers don't only happen ingame and can happen on the chatbox. that fake GM can obtain someone's login ID and password by asking the player in need of help at the LMSPW chatbox, so remember that GMs NEVER ask login IDs. hope this little piece of info is useful, best regards.

Re: Guide to Avoid Scam!

Posted: 29 May 2010, 21:37
by cheatnow
yea the fake fausto >.> i pricked right through him and then he ran off and another point you can see through a faker gm they has no gm sign on 200x gm's has two a red one and an green one the red one is guild icon on 200x the name is __ and the green one is behind the name

Re: Guide to Avoid Scam!

Posted: 31 May 2010, 02:10
by Girls20010
Yo estoy de acuerdo Con Viper. osea. Deberian Colocar algo en Trade.. para saber con quien Tradeas..

Re: Guide to Avoid Scam!

Posted: 31 May 2010, 10:49
by Vyper!on
English pls