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Password lost/change requests

Posted: 27 Jan 2009, 17:31
by LMS
If you want to restore your game account password, send email to [email protected] from email on which you registered your game account with request to reset password.
To change your password use this link Change password

Чтоб /восстановить пароль от игрового аккаунта необходимо послать псьмо на [email protected] с почтового адреса, на который был зарегистрирован аккаунт с информацией о имени вашего аккаунта.
Чтобы сменить пароль воспользуйтесь данной ссылкой Смена пароля

Re: Password lost/change requests

Posted: 18 Mar 2009, 08:58
by Rina11
but if i dont remember on which one of my e-mails i registered each of my accounts? i have 3 accounts and around 12 active e-mails

Re: Password lost/change requests

Posted: 28 Mar 2009, 18:04
by cookie
how about if i forgot my password for the auction hall how can i retrieve it???

Re: Password lost/change requests

Posted: 22 Sep 2009, 07:22
by boomsliter
HEY LMS!!! Check your email
its me Santa, and my sister Brittany.
we wanna play again :0
but forgot our accounts, there was 2 im sure of.
anyway please email me so we can talk and you
can help me get my account(s) back. thanks! :)