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[1.3.9 PvP] Server news

Post by LMS » 02 Dec 2018, 19:41

Update 25 (2019.02.02)

- increased drop chance of new Rank 2 mats
- increased drop rate in Residence of Basphemy
- added Fuelcrystals and Fairy of wind drops and Sarira in Warsong city, also increased overal drop rate for this instance
- increased speed of lvled-up Chokobo's and mounts that cost 80 cubi. Now their max speed is 12 at lvl 101.
- added attack hieros crafting into Rank 1 Pharmacist. Required mats drops in the Valley of Death

Update 24 (2019.01.26)

- added berserk addon to Donator dual axes
- added Att lvl to Donator rings
- added new VIP flights into Item Mall
- opened FB109 - Warsong City and added teleport to Mystrealm stone
- added additional materials required to craft Rank 2 weapons. They drop from Lupine Wolven, Cruel Wolven and WildScout Lynx in the Valley of the Leaping Wolf

Update 23 (2019.01.20)

- added Rank 2 weapons
- Updated Donator set with higher Att lvl and dmg.
- added additional -3 cast to mage neck and adorn (lvl 100 and donator)
- added PvP Brocade Sacks into Martial Match Officer for PvP Badge (time limited bonus for Attack/Deff lvls)
- added new flights into Flights NPC's
- fixed Chocolate Chokobo
- updated guild icons
- slightly decreased durability
- Server time was changed to GMT+3 (Moscow)

Update 22 (2019.01.05)

- added PvP Tournament quest for final rounds, Exit npcs
- added PvP Tournament weapons into Martial Match Officer exchange for PvP Badges
- added teleport to Arena into Mystrealm stone, removed unused instances teleports
- added Chocobo mounts into Item Mall

Update 21 (2018.12.30)

- added automatic PvP Tournament. Register every day between 19:00 and 19:05 at Martial Match Officer. Winner receives PvP Badge.
- added PvP Tournament gears into Martial Match Officer for PvP Badges. Time limited to 3 days of use with +3 Att lvl and +2 Def lvl per item.
- fixed PvE TW2 map
- fixed Mines automatic spawn event
- updated guild icons
- fixed some bugs

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Update 20 (2018.12.21)

- changed gears to not use refinement system, from now stats are already boosted w/o refine. When you reforge old +12 gears select N on refine transfer.
- increased durability of lvl 100 armors and weapons, updated Newbie set
- added all mats to Materials Trader NPC in ADC West

Update 19 (2018.12.19)

- added lvl 6 tomes upgrade
- revised Item Mall prices and content
- increased gold drop, exp and sp from mobs in 109 FB
- Rank 1 pharmacist can craft now Bronse Hiero's with Sarira.
- added grade 11 soulstones into Item Mall.
- added teleport to 109 FB into Stone of mystrealm
- Platinum charms from packs parameters reverted to original values

Update 18 (2018.12.17)

- added jewelry lvl 100 and Rank 1. World Bosses now drop lvl 100 jew instead of 99
- added Donator sets (Slightly better stats and much higher durability). Can be reforged at Donator NPC
- added craft of Teleport stones into Rank 1 Jeweler
- decreased price of Dolls
- decreased amount pf dyes needed to color fashion
- fixed some bugs

Update 17 (2018.12.16)

- added set bonus to Rank 1 sets
- added Herbs auto spawn event North of ADC, respawn every 2h (pair hours)
- added spawn of quest monsters outside ADC North gate.
- fixed Rank 1 mold quests
- changed pm text color to better readable
- added quick teleports from West ADC to North, South gates and East ADC
- fixed some bugs

Update 16 (2018.12.15)

- Added Ring of WB - powerfull rare ring, chance to drop from any World Boss.
- added Heaven Book Fragment into Item Mall
- decreased mats requirement for basic item craft to lvlup crafting skills to lvl 2 (Guide added on Guides page).
- decreased price for revival scroll
- decreased price for SP Elixir in Item Mall
- added Food For Thought into Item Mall (pet's hunger will not reduce).
- fixed reforging
- added custom spawn event near Mines, west of ADC - Get easy crafting materils there!
- increased server SP rate to 60x
- updated guild icons

Update 15 (2018.12.14)

- increased durability of gears 2x
- reduced cost or repair, removed crystal requirement to repair PvE gears
- added reforge option for starting gears
- PvE TW mobs are harder to kill now
- increased rewards from Newbie Guide quests
- decreased cost of skill books
- decreased price for pet food
- decreased respawn time of Alcazar monsters
- added custom mobs spawns in North and South ADC

Update 14 (2018.12.08)

- added Herbs into Item Mall
- decreased price for mats in Item Mall
- Frailty Gnome, Argenwave HexSabre, BackStab Scorpioc also drop crafting mats now and are required in new Kill monsters quests
- fixed Jewelry forge
- added pet holy skills into Item Mall
- decreased cost of crafting HP/MP Hieros in Pharmacist Mastery NPC

Update 13 (2018.12.08)

- added set bonuses for lvl 100 gears
- increased defence of lvl 100 pve gears
- decreased price for Fortune stones drasticaly. From now on use them only for refine transfer during reforge.
- added TerraMalefic Stones into Item Mall and Newbie Guide - use them to refine your equipment with high chance.
- decreased price of Soulstone install/uninstall
- changed mats required to craft jewelry
- decreased amount of crystals required for reforge lvl 100 gears
- decreased price for Fashion, dyes and skillbooks
- added Crystals rewards for Newbie Guide quests
- added new quests to Newbie Guide (crafting materials reward). All mobs required for quest are located around ADC.
- added crafting of ThouArgute Wood into Materials NPC

Update 12 (2018.12.06)

- decreased amount of crystals required for reforge lvl 100 gears
- added more pet food to Pet Administrator and decreased price in Item Mall
- added Materials Trader NPC in West ADC that sells crafting mats
- Envenom Ghoul, Devil Arbor Hide, Hunter Lynx, Molten Lava Mycon, Molten Lava Myconem, Megalithic LeechDrake land mobs now drop crafting mats
- Voltreronic Vipent, Voltrer Vipent Form, Auricfa Vook, SilverPinna Vook, MistDive Voxvipent flying mobs now drop crafting mats
- World Bosses that drop Soulstones now drop lvl 10 soulstones instead of lvl 9.

Update 10-11 (2018.12.04)

- added SkyCharms (socket stones) into Item Mall. You can increase your sockets at PW Item Mall Agent
- added all lvl 10 soulstones into Item Mall
- increased HP/MP hierogram's power
- added battle pet meat into Item Mall
- added interval to lvl 100 sling and xbow
- decreased price for TP stones
- updated guild icons
- fixed some bugs

Update 9 (2018.12.03)

- Modified HM/MP hierograms
- added cheap hieros into Newbie NPC with longer coooldown time
- added Craftable hierograms into Pharmacist NPC with faster cooldown time
- Best hierograms with fastest cooldown time can be crafted at Pharmacist Mastery (Ranked)
- added missing spawn of 2nd type of Drakes above the first type outside ADC West.
- decreased Drake's attack
- removed reputation requirement to receive Activity badge quest at lvl 100
- updated guild icons

Update 8 (2018.12.02):

- Added Fashion NPC's in West ADC - selling fashion for gold
- Added Upgradabe Flights for gold into Flights forges in West ADC
- Added more Rides for gold into Pet Administrator NPC
- Added 3 new repeatable quests into Newbie Guide NPC
- Fixed Daily quests in Newbie Guide NPC
- Decreased price for teleportation stone

2018.12.02 - New 1.3.9. PvP server was launched!
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