01.07.2017 - 1.5.1 Server update 56

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01.07.2017 - 1.5.1 Server update 56

Post by LMS » 05 Sep 2015, 15:59

Available via auto update or manual patch

2017.07.01 - Patch56

- New fashion, flights, mounts, pets added into Event and Cubi Boutique
- fixed Cauldron of Concretion r9 degrade
- old Newbie skill tips was removed from game, players under lvl 110 will receive new tips time limited to 7 days to fix a bug
- added newbie dungeon teleport stone into cubi Boutique
- minor bug fixes

Patch 55

- New Quests in Newbie Dungeon from Master Chifu with cool rewards, unlimited
- lowered craft lvl requirement for g14-g18 gears
- increased S+ cards drop chance from World Bosses and slightly increased their HP

Patch 52-54

- added degrade of r9 set into Cauldron of Concretion
- added exchange of Donator coins to 10 Million Big Notes into Cauldron of Contemplation
- increased drops of Fantasy fruits in Newbie Dungeon
- added new fashion, flights into Event Boutique
- added new flights into Cubi Boutique

Patch 51

- Increased drops in Newbie Dungeon, Firecrag Grotto, Den of rabid wolves, Cave of the Vicious, Nirvana Palace, Chrono maps
- On PvP server new players now start with lvl 10 Tailor and Blacksmith skills. Existing players can send email request to increase those skills for free
- added new mount in event boutique
- updated guild icons

Patch 50

- added new fashions, fashion weapons, mounts, pets, flyers into Event Boutique
- added primordial blood into Event Boutique
- fixed some fashion from previous patch
- updated guild icons

Patch 47-49

- improved g19 addons and set bonuses
- added reforge of g19 armors in New Era forge
- added g19 weapon exchange in New Era forge
- decreased price for Socket stones in Boutique
- added g19 regorge materials for donator coins in Donator Armors NPC
- updated guild icons

Patch 46

- New fashion, flights, mounts in Boutique!
- New 1.5.1 PvP Server with 3 Races 6 Classes is opened. Information about transfer from 1000x here.

Patch 45

- Added S+ cards materials into event boutique.

Patch 44

- Server was moved to new hardware, you wont be able to connect without update. There are 3 gates now to improve connection stability.
- Fantasy Fruits removed from Coin boss drops and added into World Bosses and Newbie Dungeon.

Patch 43

- added Tier 1 Nuema items into LMSPW Boutique Agent (Books tab) in exchange for Supply Tokens
- added exchange of Fantasy fruits into 2m exp scroll in LMSPW Boutique Agent (Best tab)
- added Donator Weapon/Armor NPC where you can craft gears for LMS Donator Coins.
- added Donator Coins to Event boutique.
- added exchange of Demon/Sage card into 1000 Event Gold ticket to save you from clicking.
- restored OHT duplicated World Bosses on main map

Patch 41-42

- added War Avatar S+ cards, you can craft them in War Avatar Master
- World Bosses have chance to drop Cards required to craft S+ cards
- decreased prices for gears in Event boutique
- 4AM rancor is now everyday, like 8PM one
- slightly decreased mobs amount in some auto spawn events
- fixed crafting of g19 gears

Patch 40
- added combine Platinum Charms into Jewelcraftsmans
- fixed some bugs

Patch 39

- added g19 Gears
Read Guide how to farm

Patch 37

- added latest fashion, flights, rides, pets from PWI into Boutique
- added g15-18 gears into Event Boutique
- updated guild icons

Patch 36

- added Arcane Sky Pill into boutique
- added VIP Arcane Sky Pill (no limit of use)
- Arcane Sky Pill usage limit increased to 50 uses per day
- guild base quests daily limit increased from 1 to 5
- Event Silver drop from automatic spawn events was increased significantly
- price for warsong medal and emblem decreased

Enjoy and Happy Gaming

Patch 35
- Server exp rates increased 2x
- added new daily quests for 100-137 lvl. High exp and gold reward. Take and report to new NPC Daily Quests near West Archosaur teleporter
- origination order price reduced
- added all morai skill books into Boutique
- event silver drop from automatic spawn events was increased 2x
- added new mounts into Boutique - Mounts2
- added Celebrity fashion into Boutique
- added snake cloth into Boutique
- fixed some bugs

Patch 34
- fixed new fashion weapons and headgears bug
- fixed items description
- added Donkey ride pet
- added new permanent fashion weapons into Event boutique
- added faster VIP versions of new flights info Event boutique

Patch 33:
- added new fashion, flights, dancing, deco pets, battle pets, mounts in Boutique
- all automatic custom daily events (every 4h) now have chance to drop Event Silver!

Patch 31
- added new Epic Boss at 345, 676 that drop g18 ore and some sealed flights. Respawn time 4 hours.
- added new Daily Gathering quests with high exp and gold rewards. Take quest from Daily Gathering npc near West Archosaur Teleporter.
- added exchange option for r9 belts in Ascention Forge in West Archosaur
- added new battle pets to Boutique-Ride-Pets: Guardian that can be evolved into Bodyguard, Pyromancer that can be evolved into Guardsman
- fixed Nuema listings

Patch 30:
- added automatic quest at lvl 107 with g14 set of 4 armors + g14 weapon rewards
- added automatic quest at lvl 113 with g15 set of 4 armors + g15 weapon rewards
- added automatic quest at lvl 120 with g16 set of 4 armors + g16 weapon rewards

Patch 29:
- Cheaper prices for many things in Buy Stuff NPC
- Cheaper prices for many things in boutique
- less materials needed to craft g13-17 equipment now
- new players now start with crafting skills lvl 7
- Donation rewards increased 2x
- some bugs fixed

Patch 28:
- added new fashion into botique
- added Feral Soul Star into botique
- decreased price 2x for FB Wines and for Crafting Books
- most monsters in game was modified to be lvl 100-150
- added free lvlup quest, that will automatically lvlup your reawakened char to lvl 100
- HP/MP potions have higher effect now
- added exchange of Apocalypse Pages to Cube of Fate Stamp in the token exchange at the LMS Boutique Agent
- fixed Nirvana port out bug

Patch 27:
- added Crown of Madness helm into Ascension Forge
- added Mortal Slaughter ring into Ascension Forge
- added Solar Slaughter ring into Ascension Forge
- added new fashion into Gold and Event botique
- added new flyers into Gold and Event botique
- added new pets into Event botique
- added new packs into Gold botique
- added Spiny Chameleon Egg into Event botique
- decreased price for refine stones and orbs
- decreased price for Supply tokens
- decreased price for War Avatar S cards and chest
- increased max stack for some stones
- ranked light boots have much higher chance to get -0.05 interval bonus now
- Fantasy Fruit Stacks now to a maximum of 999
- Celestial Schism have all locks removed now
- fixed Donator stone 4 and 5. Players who have them with +1 stat on weapon instead +25 can request free replacement by mailing LMS.

Patch 26:
- Nirvana palace key price decreased from 2.5m to 1.5m
- added g18r armors and weapons
- new g18 ore material drops from Bosses in Nirvana Palace
- only 2 players required to enter Nirvana Palace
- cost of holy pills was reduced by 40% in Botique
- chienkun stones price was reduced by 30% in Botique
- cost of refining was reduced by 20% in Botique
- added War Avatar S cards into event botique
- flying on TW was disabled
- Useless gold is tradable now
- updated guild icons

Patch 25:
- price was decreased for war avatars, Holy/Mystical pills, gear signature inks
- war avatar cards and packs are now tradable
- g13 weapons now require only 15 raptures to craft
- g15 weapons now require only 20 raptures to craft
- g16 weapons now require only 25 raptures and 25 raws to craft
- g17 weapons now require only 35 raptures and 35 raws to craft
- g14 armors now require only 20 uncannys to craft
- g15 armors now require only 25 uncannys to craft
- g16 armors now require only 25 uncannys and 20 raws to craft
- g17 armors now require only 30 uncannys and 25 raws to craft
- rancor in West Archosaur is also sheduled to 5 AM Thursday and 4AM Sunday for those who cant participate in 6 PM Sunday (Server time).
- Supply token drop rate increased in Chrono maps
- Supply token added to daily Bounty Hunter quests reward.
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