09.04.2015 - 1.5.1 Server update 31

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09.04.2015 - 1.5.1 Server update 31

Post by LMS » 09 Apr 2015, 13:12

Available via autopatcher (run patcher "as administrator" if you have errors). If you have problems with autoupdate replace this file


- added new Epic Boss at 345, 676 that drop g18 ore and some sealed flights. Respawn time 4 hours.
- added new Daily Gathering quests with high exp and gold rewards. Take quest from Daily Gathering npc near West Archosaur Teleporter.
- added exchange option for r9 belts in Ascention Forge in West Archosaur
- added new battle pets to Boutique-Ride-Pets: Guardian that can be evolved into Bodyguard, Pyromancer that can be evolved into Guardsman
- fixed Nuema listings

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