08.10.2014 - 1.5.1 Server update 26

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08.10.2014 - 1.5.1 Server update 26

Post by LMS » 08 Oct 2014, 12:56

Available via autopatcher (run patcher "as administrator" if you have errors).

HotFix: please download, unpack and replace this file into LMSPW\element folder to see reduced prices in Botique
- Fixed price changes in Botique
- Nirvana palace key price decreased from 2.5m to 1.5m

Patch size is ~15Mb, be patient, autoupdate can take up to few minutes depends on your connection to the server.

- added g18r armors and weapons
- new g18 ore material drops from Bosses in Nirvana Palace
- only 2 players required to enter Nirvana Palace
- cost of holy pills was reduced by 40% in Botique
- chienkun stones price was reduced by 30% in Botique
- cost of refining was reduced by 20% in Botique
- added War Avatar S cards into event botique
- flying on TW was disabled
- Useless gold is tradable now
- updated guild icons

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Re: 08.10.2014 - 1.5.1 Server update 26

Post by georgiev73 » 14 Oct 2014, 14:21

Thank you about new patch,
I do not agree with the use of this instance NIRVANA even corrected from moders LMS. Very difficult to find people for missions in server. There are so many instances which can be used in the game of each user include first person (Phoenix Valley-Boss drop rate 3 to 5 r18, Divine emissary rewards items (there are so many unnecessary things in it for small level) and etc. About idea for sell S war avatar cards, many users have no free access to event gold's or chance to get from top voters and donate system.
This is just my opinion and view of the observations in the development of the LMS private game server!

Congratulations to the team and best wishes for a next future work.
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