07.08.2014 - 1.5.1 Server update 25

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07.08.2014 - 1.5.1 Server update 25

Post by LMS » 07 Aug 2014, 15:09

Available via autopatcher (run patcher "as administrator" if you have errors). If you are unable to autoupdate you can just replace this file
Patch size is ~15Mb, be patient, autoupdate can take up to few minutes depends on your connection to the server.

- price was decreased for war avatars, Holy/Mystical pills, gear signature inks
- war avatar cards and packs are now tradable
- g13 weapons now require only 15 raptures to craft
- g15 weapons now require only 20 raptures to craft
- g16 weapons now require only 25 raptures and 25 raws to craft
- g17 weapons now require only 35 raptures and 35 raws to craft
- g14 armors now require only 20 uncannys to craft
- g15 armors now require only 25 uncannys to craft
- g16 armors now require only 25 uncannys and 20 raws to craft
- g17 armors now require only 30 uncannys and 25 raws to craft
- rancor in West Archosaur is also sheduled to 5 AM Thursday and 4AM Sunday for those who cant participate in 6 PM Sunday (Server time).
- Supply token drop rate increased in Chrono maps
- Supply token added to daily Bounty Hunter quests reward.

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