07.06.2014 - 1.5.1 Servers update 23

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07.06.2014 - 1.5.1 Servers update 23

Post by LMS » 07 Jun 2014, 14:59

Update available via autopatcher only.


- added upgrade options for Donator Stones 6-9 (transform service in LMSPW Botique agent)
- Championship Scroll can be exchanged to 1 Event gold at Archosaur Elder (Weelky PvP Tournament winner reward)
- Soulgems are now stackable
- fixed Chrono map 2 teleport stone
- added Dark Lord New flight in event botique
- Unbound ticket was added to Itemmall (shop-misc), is used instead of gold from now to unbound items bounded by players. Guide how to unbound items is on help page
- updated guild icons
- some minor fixes

Happy gaming

PS: there is small bug found after update that doesnt allow you to exchange PvP tournament championship rewards, it will be fixed in next patch.
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