1.5.1 PvP Server was closed 19.05.2014

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1.5.1 PvP Server was closed 19.05.2014

Post by LMS » 12 May 2014, 11:45

Due to low activity and no donations we have to close 1.5.1 PvP server on 19.05.2014
Players lvl 125+ will be offered to transfer to 1.5.1 PvE server.

How to transfer
You will have to create new char on PvE account with name you want (name cant be transferred from PvP)

-PvP Account name, char name, lvl, PvE account name, char name. Only name will remains from char on PvE, rest will be replaced with your PvP char data.

Rewakened chars allowed to transfer at any any lvl

Only 1 char per account can be transferred.

Char lvl, stats, equipment, inventory, bank, pets will be fully transferred.

Cubi cannot be transferred.

Donator account can transfer all chars he want from that account with no lvl limit.

PS. If your char is below lvl 125 you still have time till 18.05.2014 to lvl it up to be able to transfer.
Transfer requests will be accepted for 2 months, till 19.07.2014.
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