08.05.2014 - 1.5.1 Servers update 22

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08.05.2014 - 1.5.1 Servers update 22

Post by LMS » 08 May 2014, 11:16

Update 22 was released for 1.5.1 servers:

- Added more items to Event botique in Shop-Items and Misc-Mats sections.
- Modified Phoenix Valley - stronger mobs and higher exp and gold rewards now
- Customized Firetag Grotto (110lvl), Den of Rabid Wolves (115lvl), Cave of the Vicious (120lvl). Drops Raptures, Uncannys, Raws and Supply tokens. Chrono maps have higher drop chance but require entrance ticket from itemmall (or key from quest). Chrono Maps 3 and 4 have highest drop change but possible to enter only via daily ticket from itemmall
- Celestial Tiger event now require to kill just 3999 mobs
- Fixed engraving, now able to engrave g17+ gears.
- Fixed some g12 soulgems. All Donator stones now can be added to g12+ gears
- HH, Nirvana instances now require only 2 players in squad to enter
- Added 7 automatic daily events. Check list on news page
- fixed some quests
- morai items are tradable now
- updated guild icons
- fixed newbie dungeon teleport stone and Chrono teleport stones.
- other small fixes

Update 09.05.2014:
- Valley of Reciprocity was updated. Mobs gives good exp and good gold. Changes already applied on both 1.5.1 servers now. Enjoy

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