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Daily Gold

Post by kimmykay85 » 30 Oct 2014, 01:43

I joined the server with my husband. When I first started I got 72 gold daily. He was getting 0. He made a couple extra accounts for farming coins but they do not spend 23 hours online. A friend also created an account while visiting here. He's not getting gold while logged in at our house. As of Saturday October 18th, I started only getting 3 gold per day for being online. Can anyone tell me how to fix this, or where we're going wrong?
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Re: Daily Gold

Post by Shara » 31 Oct 2014, 12:23

Hello kimmykay85 and welcome. :mrgreen:

I'm not 100% sure about the daily login gold, there have been some that didn't get gold before.
Do know voting was limited to 1 account per IP but daily gold should be on any account that's online, will ask the other GM's and
see what they know, or maybe LMS needs to fix something, if so it'll be done as soon as possible. :)

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