Need help plz Cant log in

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Need help plz Cant log in

Post by Radeis24 » 25 Oct 2014, 07:58

So i tried logging in after I got download excited to try everything out and then I got this msg I tried to make another account bc I didnt know how long it would take to get my password changed to lowercase but even when it was lower case it wasnt working if anyone could help be very appreciated I just uninstalled and reinstalling now to try my luck thanks in advance :D
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Re: Need help plz Cant log in

Post by Shara » 31 Oct 2014, 12:32

Hello Radeis24

Sorry for the late reply, thought a forum GM from LMSForsaken would have approved and replied but guess the GM is busy/away.

Based on the error I would guess the login info could be wrong, did you perhaps use uppercase or symbols for username/password? If so can you try to change it on the site or mail LMS to ask and change it to something with just letters and numbers? But no UPPERCASE.

Hope it helps, or if you can already play or have other problems let us know. :)

My facebook page if you need to contact me and I'm not online here, on the website, or in-game: Facebook
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