Hair Styles

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Hair Styles

Post by Nerva » 20 Oct 2014, 21:38

Hi all,
I've seen some players in the game, both men and women, use of hair styles that are not available when creating the character, and I wonder where you can get those styles.
If someone tells me I would greatly appreciate it :)
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For example, I have not these styles available :(
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Re: Hair Styles

Post by Shara » 31 Oct 2014, 12:44

Hello Nerva

Sorry for the late reply.

There is a guide with an image link to hairstyle codes here: Hairstyle/WF tail edit guide and more.

My facebook page if you need to contact me and I'm not online here, on the website, or in-game: Facebook
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Hair Styles

Post by valglask » 03 Dec 2018, 04:56

Im from south africa and im really hesitant about going to just any place. So I go to a woman in Itaewon who has experience with foreign hair types. I live in Busan so I cant go as often as i'd like to. When Im there I see all types of foreign women walking in to have their hair done. as far as I know she does do relaxing and Ive seen pictures all around her place of her clients who've had braiding and other styles done. if you want more info on her just pm me.
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