Cultivation Skill and other problem

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Cultivation Skill and other problem

Post by irasire » 06 Aug 2014, 00:09

Hello, I have just finished Fairy 3 quest ( thank the sever, the quest is too short, save a lot of time, after spend more than 3 hours to done quest fairy 2 in FB99 without wine, i think i just escape from hell :oops: ) and I have bought some books to learn, after learn, i have found one problem is :

My passive skill before learn book is add more 60% damage
The book said that after learn my skill will go to add more 100% damage ( yellow line)
But after I have learn that skill, i saw that the skill only add more 75% damage ( and the yellow line say that it up to 100% ) . So how to get to 100% damage as it said ? Do I need to do something to get it ?

It happen in someother skill too, such as Warrior'skill : Aura shell + 60% p.def (before ) and +90% p.def ( after learn ) but after i learned, it only gived 75% more def , what about another 15% ? How to get to 90% ?

How to get Perfect * Token of Luck ?
How to get cresent badge.weapon/accessory, frostcovered sign ?
How to get Script of Fate ( to craft Tome level 5 ) and Scroll of Tome ?
What is the current event of the sever and what time to held it ? (i mean auto event create by system, not by GM/Admin )

Thank :mrgreen:
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Re: Cultivation Skill and other problem

Post by LMS » 10 Aug 2014, 15:39

What is your server? Scroll of tome is donation only (in donator shop npc on 1000x, in event botique on 1.5.1)
some skill descriptions can be incorrect.
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Re: Cultivation Skill and other problem

Post by GMNalfein » 10 Aug 2014, 15:59

You can get Scroll Of Tome and Script of Fate in the packs into the normal boutique also, i heard that the Anniversary Pack was the best to get it. it's also where you get the tokens.

The frostcovered sign, you must directly go craft whatever you want into lunar glade. there is a forge that sells what you need to make them.

The list of the auto event is here :

Of course you must be in the 151 server to access them >.>
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