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Vote error ?

Posted: 02 Aug 2014, 15:09
by irasire
Hello, i'm a new player, i registered account in 1000x sever yesterday. After registered, i tried to voted and it said i must wait 8 hours to vote, so fine, i play, and today i tried to vote but it said must to wait 8 hours to vote again, my account still have 0 point . Do it allow new player to vote ? I have waited 1 day :? ...

Re: Vote error ?

Posted: 02 Aug 2014, 18:20
by Shara
Hello irasire

Will list a few things that could cause it and/or fix it. :)

*Are cookies enabled in your browser? If not it may reset over and over or such and prevent voting.
*Have you tried on different browsers? You could try Chrome, Firefox and others.
*Maybe try to check the vote timer early, then play/vote again 8-9 hours later so be sure you're right behind the vote timer.
*Is there anyone else voting from the same IP? As only one can vote per 6 hours.

If there is any other problem or something doesn't work let us know. ;)

Re: Vote error ?

Posted: 03 Aug 2014, 05:03
by irasire
So i must enable cookie to vote, but i think this rule is only allowed player to vote at home (not good) or personal computer. Because when i played at public place such as the internet cafe, the cookie was always wiped after their computer shutdowned :shock:

This is sad, In the other private sever, i only wait a period time and vote again, not need to keep cookie, so i can feel free to play at public place :roll:

Re: Vote error ?

Posted: 03 Aug 2014, 19:44
by Shara
Hmm, maybe you could ask the cafe owner to change the settings or allow different cookie settings per user, though not sure if the last option exists as some cafe's either have accounts for different users or they have like temporary accounts that people can use.