needing help

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needing help

Post by SkyAngel » 26 Jun 2014, 20:42

some time back ago I once had LMS Perfect World downloaded but lost the game completely I have been searching long and hard sense then trying to get back and download it again and nothing I have found works can anyone please help me :(
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Re: needing help

Post by Laysie » 01 Jul 2014, 03:00

Hi there,

sorry to read that you're having troubles with downloading the game again.
you can download both servers from the main website, for both server the download option will be on their own page at the upper left corner.
first you will have to download Utorrent.
once downloaded the files from the website open them in Utorrent, it will start downloading the full client then. when Utorrent is done you're able to install the game to your computer like any other game.

i hope this will help you, if not please feel free to let us know.
we hope to see you in game soon,
LMS PW staff.
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