Need help with "STOP!" quest

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Need help with "STOP!" quest

Post by KenziKitsune » 16 Jun 2014, 06:02

as im nearing the end of the primal world, im stumped with one i just cant get, because literally the npc wont stop to give it to me. hes riding a donkey at a pretty good clip around a big area, and nothing can stop him that ive tried, even blocking with my mount. i click on him, get an answer, but its not a quest. what can i do?

here is the quote from the PWI wiki on this: ... ightcherry
Prerequisite: Plant Industry
Starting NPC: Orion Botanist Durou (469,544)
Speak with Alnilam Rider Du Yuanmou (?)
Note: The NPC you must speak with is a wandering NPC and has a long route. Just wait for him to pass by. As you attempt to complete and receive quests walk with him as best you can. The quests time out otherwise.''
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