Known/possible bugs/problems and how to fix them.

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Known/possible bugs/problems and how to fix them.

Post by Shara » 24 Oct 2012, 04:40

Hello everyone.

There have been bugs or other problems when people are playing the game, or just login.
I'll type down some known bugs and how to fix them.

This thread may still be updated from time to time with more information.

Bit explaining on what color is what:
Green is how to fix it.
Purple is extra information. (If you don't know how to fix something for example.)
Red is/are other important notices or messages.
White can be handy information, like file names, or info with download links and such.

Unable to see characters, npc's or other graphics at character selection screen or after login.
1. Update your DirectX program to version 10 or 11. Easy way to find it is to google search "DirectX 11 download for (your operating system, for example windows7, xp, vista, etc.)"
2. Update your Driver software or graphic card. For example, I use NVIDIA (GeForce graphic card), so I google search for "nvidia geforce update"or "nvidia update" or something similar. Check what driver you have at your computer's configurationscreen/section, you can mostly open this by clicking your windows start button at the bottom-left of your screen.
This link might explain it a bit more also:

Unable to change game settings for Descent(145) through the game launcher/patcher, it crashes!
There is only one way to bypass/avoid this problem, just launch your game and don't change anything on the launcher/patcher. You can just change your game settings in-game.

Unable to vote for cubi.
1. Try different browsers, like Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox , Internet Explorer or other browsers.
2. Be sure your browser has cookies enabled and that it does not delete them.
It does happen with the vote system, that if you have for example fixed the problem, that it will show the 6 hour countdown. This is normal, it means that it is reset and/or now working. I suggest to vote again then 6 hours later, or anything close to 6 hours, waiting too long may cause for the 6 hour timer to reset again, which can be from 12, 20, 24hours or more, the exact reset time is unknown, but I simply suggest you vote as soon as you can. But don't worry, your not forced to vote fast or such, from personal experience, the timer won't reset within about 16-18 hours.

Increase pet slots with cage quest does not show up when talking to the Pet Manager in North Archosaur/ADC.
Try other npc's, for example Pet Skill Trainer in City of the Lost (Untamed) at coordinates 258 644 she has the option/quest also.
There could be two different pet cages, one normal pet cage for 1 slot at a time, or one "full" pet cage that unlocks all. It can be possible the full pet cage is bugged and/or does not work, if so, just buy 6-9 (whatever amount of pet slots you want to unlock) normal pet cages and unlock them one at a time.

Being stuck somewhere in the ground and/or unable to move.
1. Use your Town Portal Spell to be teleported to the nearest town.
2. Use Teleportation Stone to teleport to any town on the map that you select.
Do keep in mind to have at least 20 teleport stones with you at all times, if you happen to get stuck on that one moment when you run out of stones and your town portal skill is on cooldown, a GM might not be online at that time and you may have to wait for a GM to come online. I suggest to then logout and go play on an alt character or such untill you can get it unstuck with your cooled town portal spell, or an online GM.

Unable to learn several skills in Demon/Sage version.
I'm not sure if there is a fix for this.. but if there is I'll update this thread with the fix info.
It is possible, or maybe even known/standard, that there are maybe 1 or 5 skills, depending on the class, that cannot be turned into Demon/Sage version. They can only be maxed to lvl10, 3 or whatever level depending what skill it is.
If there are indeed some skills that can't be made Demon/Sage I will make a list here with which skills and what class.
You can always contact LMS to fix or check out skills if they are possible to be Demon/Sage version:

Unable to start/launch the game.
1. Check your elementclient.exe file, it should have a orange perfect world logo, if it doesn't, and is white or such, I suggest to re-download the elementclient.exe:
2. Be sure your game is updates to the latest version. For x1000 server that is version/update 57. For Descent server it is version/update 9
3. Check if you typed your username and password correctly, you could be missing any lower or upper case.
4. Check if you did not accidently use the shift hotkey while typing in your username and password, also check if you did not accidently activate your Caps Lock button while typing. There are usually lights on your keyboard for specific buttons, if a light is on for Caps Lock, put it off.
To find your elementclient.exe file in order to check if it is broken or not (white logo=broken, orange pw-logo=ok), right-click on your desktop patcher/launcher, open file directory, here you see 4 folders, "logs" "sever" "skin" and "video", go back up one folder, here you see "config" "element" "launcher" and "patcher" folders, open the "element" folder and scroll down.
For the Descent server, the
elementclient.exe should be there, between file dxwebsetup and elementlocalize
For the x1000 server the elementclient.exe is between configs(.pck) and elementlocalize

Unable to patch/update the game.
1. Try to manually update the game by downloading the latest patch/update, and save it to somewhere you can find it easily, like your desktop. When you open your desktop game patcher/launcher, a window will pop up, asking to select a server to auto-update from, click "cancel" or close it, then click the button at the top-left of the patcher/launcher saying "manual", a window will pop up, select the patch/update file you downloaded then press ok. It should update then.
2. Check if none of the client files were corrupted during downloading/installing. If they are, re-download the client. If you want to be sure it does not get corrupted again, try a different download method.
For fast and secure downloading to be sure your files won't get corrupted, I suggest using a program called UTorrent: and then to download the client by torrent. You may also use other torrent programs, but this one I know from experience is good, but it's up to you what you prefer to use.

Account register not working.
1. Use a valid email address, some with gmail might not get a confirmation email send to them, or it arrives late. Try using Hotmail or other email systems.
2. Be sure your username and password are correct, sometimes using uppercases and such might not always work.
Note: Be sure you write your user/pass of an email account down on paper and keep it safe, or in some word-like file on your computer. Alot of people forget their email passwords and cannot recover their lmspw accounts anymore, since you need recover your lmspw account info by sending LMS an email with the email account you registered with for that lmspw account, so your hereby warned/reminded.

Note: Write your in-game bank pass down on paper, or in a Word/Notepad file if you decide to make one, in case you forget it. LMS no longer recovers them.

If you know another bug, glitch or problem and/or how to fix them, post it in a reply so it can be added to the list.

My facebook page if you need to contact me and I'm not online here, on the website, or in-game: Facebook
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