LMSFW Quick Starting Guide

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LMSFW Quick Starting Guide

Post by LMS » 28 Apr 2015, 11:35

First of all thank you for choosing LMS Forsaken World private server. We hope you will enjoy the stay.

Now first of all tips for newbies or new/old players:
- vote, vote, vote - you will get eyrda leaves every 12 hours if you vote on every link - with each vote you collect a point so you get maximum 3 points per 12 hours. Also you get 200 leaves per hour being online - those leaves are being distributed every 24 hours.

- after making character i suggest you dont forget to take some rewards. Finish first quest to gain couple levels then pres H and take out ''Begginers reward - Heart of the Lion'' from Shylia Market. You will get Shylia Favors with each level - fine for taking some items from Shylia Market.

- now its up to you - wanna quest and gain levels by questing or wanna jump trough couple levels by using ''Sweet Dreamlands''and after ''Primrose Dreamlands''. Voila lvl 28-29. Okidoks - you are ready to head to Freedom Harbour!

- now best thing is to join a community (guild) to help you out. But some questing never hurts - so go make main quests (you will get rewards from them in Shylia Market) - do dailies like quests from NPC Henry in a City Square of Freedom Harbour and if joined guild also Guild Base Quests and Guild Quests.

- EXP you gain from Gods Trial instance/taking Phoenix orders from Ricana NPC lokated also in City Square of FH(Freedom Harbor) and killing appropriate lvl mobs best with some help from friends or just by using SOULFORCE (AOE skill that is charged every minute)/after you reach level 60 you will be able to enter Crucible on realm2 only - NPC Crucible Warden at Blossom Boulevard in Freedom Harbor.

- also very important thing to know is you need to do guide quests. Why? Well you are unable to get Rachel's Pet Journey (cant send pets on quests) and even more important you cant open Dyos/Nyos Soulpower quest (important stuff to make you character more powerfull). How to start those quest? In the right lower corner there is minimap and above it there are couple icons (the one you search for is Book icon). After you click on it new quest pops up like: Complete Life In Harbor(0/1) and Guide: Gods Trial. You need to do the guide quests first. Make them done...

- for easyer solo playing there is free shard gear. Where? Near Angeal Temple in FH there are 3 little merchants Loodle, Zoodle, Voodle - check on them and buy yourself some gear.

- after you get first leaves from voting your Purchaser level will increase and with it some benefits and rewards. Above your avatars name there is Purchaser reward icon. Click on it and claim those rewards - some are really usefull like Soulforce, starting soul gold for upgrading skills and taking gear and Spatial Compas for easyer travel trough Frosaken Worlds universe.

- there are 3 currencies ingame - Eyrda leaves that u can spend in Eyrda Boutique (mounts, pets, fashions and many other usefull stuff) - Tokens of Faith (check Otis in Freedom Harbor City Square) - Donation shop in MAILBOX (for those that want to support our server and mantain its existance - currency LMS donator coin).

- Gold Digger? ;) - most easy way to get some gold is to buy Mercury Stattuetes in Eyrda Boutique (pack of 10) and sell those to any grocer or if in guild use guild Midas option - ''G'' (use consume dropdown and pick 1 Statuette. Spam Confirm and u'll get full bag of gold.

- CHECK PC icon under your avatars hp/mana bar. Its a bot option (autocombat that can be used for letting character autofight mobs - not pvp - most usefull for farming tokens of faith and soul power and even gear)so you can easly go afk and let it work by itself.

- other important notes: - skill scrolls obtainable trough making Hell Road solo instance, mobs drop Tokens of Faith so go training ground or Dark Hollow and set bot.

If more info needed let us know and we will add further guides.

NOW HAPPY GAMING and see you in game.............
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