LMSFW update 2015.03.23

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LMSFW update 2015.03.23

Post by LMS » 23 Mar 2015, 22:52

Start game from Patcher to autoupdate.

patch notes:

- increased 5x drop chance of Divine Token, Soul Token, Lesser Blood Mantra
- Dessio NPC now sell Season 2 gears instead of Season 1
- Guild base constructions/upgrades now require 2x less materials/prosperity/contribution
- added Divine Token, Soul Token, WOTA medals, Lvl3 Rune packs, Big Mana and Big HP Serums into Donator Shop
- added Big Mana Serum (6m MP) and Big HP Serum (6m HP) into Donator Shop
- the soul power cap has been increased 10x at every level

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