need a instance party of at least 6 people

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need a instance party of at least 6 people

Post by technakitty » 11 Dec 2014, 18:33

would be nice to log in everyday and at least get the instances done through the party setting, alas I've found that most players on this server are afk or whining in world bout people killing each other while grinding afk lol
so here I am asking in forums for at least 6 active playing people who would like to do the instances daily with me..
I know what you're gonna say, theres active people in world? why not join a guild? advertise in world chat? I've done all that and trust me its easier just to wait for the party people to apply to the instances.. waiting for people in a guild takes forever and you'l never get any more than 3 interested, and most times its just one person and alts..
other times the active people in world are mostly all interested in pvp only and not enough are interestd in actually doing the quests and accomplishing anything past getting good gears and pvp more...
I've advertised in world chat every day 5 times a day in the span of 12 hours and not one person has wanted to apply through the party chat (which if you look at those quests, it specifically says to apply through the party chat).. and the ones who are interested are really bossy and don't respond in real time fashion.. and if they do respond it's never in english...
*** when i joined up on the server it stated it was an english speaking server***

I look forward to getting a good group going for this stuff.. having fun and meeting people should be among the top things that people should be doing when playing a game like this :)
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Re: need a instance party of at least 6 people

Post by Dream » 15 Dec 2014, 08:06

Count me in! but im only available 14:00 - onwards (Server time)... :D
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