Mentor Knowledge Quiz answers

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Mentor Knowledge Quiz answers

Post by Faith » 03 Jun 2014, 09:09

I thought I would supply the community with the knowledge I acquired while trying the waters of being a mentor.
One of several quests being the knowledge quiz, in which the mentor must cast the Tutor skill, and the apprentice must choose the correct answer. The following highlighted in red are the correct answers.

Question: Darksea 6: Weeping What is the reason that weeping has never been eliminated?
Option 1: People always have a dark side.
Option 2: The sunshine will never disappear.
Option 3: Magic is more durable than life.

Question: Anecdote 10: Dream What is the insufficiency of the main character?
Option 1: Magic.
Option 2: Fortune.
Option 3: Self Knowledge.

Question: Wanderer 10: Adventure Log Which of the following does not show in Wanderer 10?
Option 1: Treasure Map.
Option 2: Grave Robber.
Option 3: Magic.

Question: Daylight 3: Cherish What can we learn from the story of Song of Daylight 3?
Option 1: Powerful weapon is not necessary for victory.
Option 2: Parents are willing to do everything for their child.
Option 3: Nothing in the world can resist time.
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