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Posted: 26 May 2014, 23:55
by fraidiekat
Level: 60
NPC Location: Ferrie, Freedom Harbor
Items to have with you: 50 Great Mana Tonic
Tips: do this quest in a pair to speed up the killing.

1. When you reach lv60, the quest to open your Nyos/Dyos tree will become available to.
2. You can start by talking to Ferrie. He will ask you if he can teleport you to the Aepelio, say "okay, teleport me to Aepelio."
3. Once there, you will auto-route to the king. He will give you two quests: The King's Commission and Blade of the Magical Citadel (which asks you to find Velastus). Ignore the quest for Velastus and follow the other quest instead.
4. Your first stop is at the foot of his stairs to talk to Gaius. He will give you Kazmer's letter. Open your bag and read the letter to start the next part of the quest. You should now see a quest to go talk to Rodgers.
5. Rodger will send you to Byron.
6. Byron will send you to kill a Bloodthirsty Werewolf. When you kill the werewolf you will get a Peculiar Token in your bag. You will need to identify this by right-clicking it.
7. You will be sent to Archilaus who will send you to a grave site to use the Blood Pact Charm. Auto-route to the spot and right-click to revive Asar.
8. Asar will tell you some things, then say that he needs you to kill 99 blood pacts to nullify the charm. Kill them, and go back to Asar. He will tell you more than you care to hear, and then he will disappear.
9. You will now go back to Archilaus to tell him what you found out. He will tell you that you have to go visit Eve. You could auto-route, but it's easier to just take the nearest trackstone to Dark Hallow in the northern part of Nightfall.
10. Eve will tell you that she needs Joy Powder from you before she will be willing to talk to you. She will suggest that you buy it from Finch. But the quest will give you another option. Getting the item from Finch will cost you 5sd. The other way of obtaining the item is free, but will take some time as it runs you to a few other places.
11. If you go the cheap route: You will need to go back to Rodger (use the trackstone). Then you will go back to Finch and use intimidate to get some info from him. You will go back to Rodgers with this info. He'll tell you all sorts of fun, dirty little secrets about his brother Henry. He'll send you to intercept the smuggled Joy Powder. Bring the powder back to Rodger. He'll send you to Eve.
12. Eve will tell you what you need to know and send you off to Niko.
13. Niko will tell you before he can tell you about Velastus, he needs you to steal some firewood. There is one pile by the building that is not by a triggered mob. It does regen rather fast, so you could just stand there collecting until you have enough.
14. Niko will send you to Thom at Ghostfang Castle. Thom will send you to Carrel. Carrel will tell you to bring him some magic. You will need to give him 50 Great Mana Tonics. He assesses your ability to control Velastus. He will tell you you have the ability to become a god and will introduce you to the Vice Virtue system. From there, you will be sent off to find Velastus.
15. Back to Eve, who will send you to Carole. Carole will not give up the information easily, you will need to use lv3 intimidate on her (lower than lv3 intimidate will work, but not often). If you don't have that, someone with the skill can let you borrow it by using it on you before you talk to her.
16. She will send you to talk to the Odd Noble. He will give you Velastus.
17. You need to return to Carrel with the sword. He will summon Tine's soul who you will have to defeat after you choose your path: Vice or Virtue. Talk to Pascal for Vice or Garth for Virtue. Defeat Tine and talk to Carrel. You will need to right-click the sword to activate it to finish your quest (I think it says something about talking to the soul - it means the one in the sword).
18. You need to go back to the Citadel and talk to Eiffel. Eiffel will tell you to initiate your new power by completing a Dragon Order which you can obtain from Melinda. You will have 7 days from taking this quest to complete it. Go back to the King with the sword to complete the rest of the Vice/Virtue quest.

Congratulations - you are now on your way to becoming godlike!

FYI - Once you bring the sword back to the king and finish this quest, Kazmer's letter will still be in your bag - you can destroy this as it is no longer needed for anything.