Can't vote?! Try these solutions. [Read before posting!]

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Can't vote?! Try these solutions. [Read before posting!]

Post by Shara » 13 Sep 2013, 17:24

If you can't vote there could be several things causing it.

1, Your browser is not saving cookies or doesn't have them enabled.
2, Your browser may not work properly or won't let you vote.
3, Someone else in the same house or network (router) is voting, only one person can vote every 6 hours.

Try a few things and see if you can vote then.

1: Enable cookies in your browser and make sure it saves them. Google for "how to enable cookies in (the browser you use)" if you don't know how. (Can't add links as each browser is different with settings)
2: Try to use different browsers, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.
3: Take turns on voting.

If your browser works after enabling cookies or switching browser it will show 6 hours to vote, don't worry it's normal, it just starts to count down and it means that it's working, you can vote again after 6 hours.

Try those 3 options first, and if you still can't vote them let us know in a reply.

In order to keep this topic fresh, I will add any problem and solution to the list above and delete the comment so new questions can be asked.

For other problems not vote related check the other forum topic: Known/possible bugs/problems and how to fix them.

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