suggestion(+ event-idea inside)

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suggestion(+ event-idea inside)

Post by Midnight_X » 03 Aug 2012, 13:50

hi everybody,
at the loadingscreen i see so often this ugly, botox-lips-veno riding on a tiger in snow thingy
and it really hurts the eyes well i thought about deleting punch it up to the moon or simply replacing it, with what? ah well thought about making a contest and the best enteries will be used as lmspw loadingscreens.
and it should be more perfect world - alike than such an ugly comic-botox-veno would be good if the gms/lms could do such a thing
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Re: suggestion(+ event-idea inside)

Post by Shara » 21 Oct 2012, 09:28

Well the brightness can be annoying I agree, but I've only gotten that screen 1 out of 70 times.. there are several loading screens, and it's random.
Not sure if it was possible to change them though, but it may be fun to have lmspw-specific loading screens, with tips/advices or just art or such from lmspw.

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